Airtel’s IoT Hub Teams Up with IntelliSmart for 20 Million Smart Meters

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Airtel's IoT Hub Teams Up with IntelliSmart for 20 Million Smart Meters

Phone and internet company Bharti Airtel is teaming up with IntelliSmart to make 20 million smart meters, which are like electricity superheroes to make homes and businesses use power in a smart and efficient way. These are like the guardians of electricity that ensures everything works smartly.

But how are these smart meters cool? Airtel has IoT Hub. It is like a giant brain that helps keep track of all the smart meters. And to make sure everything is super safe and works really well, Airtel’s cloud network is used. It is like a big, invisible shield that protects all the data and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Indian government has plans to replace 250 million old-school meters with these super-smart ones in the next five years. It is part of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiative. So, Airtel and IntelliSmart teaming up is like the dream team to make this plan a reality.

Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, CEO at Airtel Business, is highly thrilled. He mentions that Airtel has become a major contributor to the government’s goal of having 250 million smart meters. It is as if Airtel is playing a crucial role in turning the government’s dream of having smart meters everywhere into a reality.

Anil Rawal, MD and CEO at IntelliSmart, is filled with joy. He expresses that teaming up with Airtel is a significant move to strengthen and secure their smart meter plan. It is similar to two superheroes joining forces to save the day.

It is high time to get ready for a tech revolution at our homes. Airtel and IntelliSmart are making sure our meters are not just smart but super-smart.

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