AI’s Ability to Predict Death Raises Ethical Dilemmas

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI's Ability to Predict Death Raises Ethical Dilemmas

Just think over an idea that an artificial intelligence (AI) model can guess when someone might pass away by looking at things like age, health, job and more. Well, scientists from Denmark and the US have created just that. They have come up with an AI called life2vec. However, is this a unique technology or just a box of trouble?


This AI checked info from over 6 million people in Denmark to see if it could predict who might pass away within the next four years. And guess what? It got it right 75% of the time. That’s cool, but it is also making people think if we are getting into some tricky stuff.

The scientists used a cool tech called transformer models, like what makes ChatGPT work, to study people’s lives. They fed it details like age, health, job history and even sentences about events in their lives. For example, in September 2012, Francisco received 20,000 Danish kroner as a guard at a castle in Elsinore.

The AI even found some interesting patterns. It found that stuff like mental health issues, being a guy, and certain jobs might mean a shorter life. But good news, having a leadership role and making good money seemed to mean a longer life.

But it is not just about predicting death. This AI can even guess what kind of person you are and the big choices you might make. That is when it starts to feel a little weird.

The scientists believe this computer could help us live longer, but they have not really looked into it much yet. However, more research in the segment is required.

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