AI’s Crucial Role in Advancing Precision Medicine in India

Smart robots, aka AI, are the ultimate healthcare assistants, revolutionizing how doctors care for patients.

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI's Crucial Role in Advancing Precision Medicine in India

Smart robots or super robots are changing the way doctors take care of patients in India. These robots, also known as Artificial Intelligence or AI, are like the best assistants in the healthcare sector.


A long time ago, back in the 1950s, researchers figured out that AI could help doctors understand what is wrong with them. These AI tools are now making a big difference in our healthcare.

AI helps doctors analyze a plethora of data to figure out the best ways to keep people healthy. From checking hearts to looking at medical scans, it is like a super detective finding clues to keep people in good health.

But that is not all. AI can also help doctors predict if someone might get sick in the future. It is like having a crystal ball for one’s health. For example, in heart healthcare, AI is learning to predict if someone might have a heart problem, even without a bunch of tests.

In India, where sometimes there are not enough doctors, AI is stepping up to help out. It can keep an eye on patients even if not hospitalized, making sure they stay healthy. And, when one needs to see a doctor, AI makes it quicker and easier.

AI is also like a super helper for doctors in rural areas where there are not many specialists. It can even do some tasks on its own, like answering questions or reminding to take medicine.

However, there is a catch. Just like one need to be careful with toys, it is suggested to highly careful with AI. If the info it gets is wrong, it could cause big problems. So, while AI is being considered as health superhero, one need to use it wisely to make sure it helps, not hurts.

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