AI’s Impact on the Growing Demand for Creativity

Machines are everywhere, making us more creative. With more AI, we need to be more innovative, according to industry leaders.

By Sunil Sonkar
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AI's Impact on the Growing Demand for Creativity

Machines are becoming more common these days and surprisingly these are making us to be more creative, at least the requirement is to become more creative than before. According to CF Su from Hyperscience, as artificial intelligence (AI) brings in more automation, there is a rising demand for people skills. Industry leaders are asking for a different type of management and one that helps people to become innovative in ways machines can’t.


AI is changing how things work by doing regular tasks automatically. Gordon Ritter from Emergence Capital says with more AI, employers should find creative employees and avoid those who are lazy.

Despite worries about job losses, Sultan Saidov of Beamery sees new opportunities emerging. He thinks jobs will change and not vanish. He further states that workers show now view it as a chance and not something to worry about.

Non-tech professionals don’t need to be AI experts, but Su says they should understand and interact with the technology at a basic level. Now that AI is here, being good at creative thinking, understanding others and using AI tech is super important. Saidov says highlight these skills on your resume and downplay things that machines can do on their own.

Gordon Ritter says machines will do simple jobs and so it is important to have jobs where people talk to each other. He advises parents to make sure their kids talk to people. If your job involves talking and you stay creative, you will do well.

As AI gets bigger, it is crucial to be good at creativity, understanding people and adapting as well. These human skills are important for success in the future workplace.

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