Akamai Chooses ZNet Technologies as Sole Distributor for Cloud Computing Services in India

By Sunil Sonkar
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Akamai Chooses ZNet Technologies as Sole Distributor for Cloud Computing Services in India

ZNet Technologies and Akamai, the tech pros, are teaming up to make India’s digital world better. ZNet is now the main distributor for Akamai’s super-advanced internet services in India. The teaming up of the two is a big deal and it will make things better for businesses as well as individuals.


Akamai’s cloud services are like the superheroes of the internet, making online experiences faster, safer and more accessible. Imagine your favorite apps and websites working at lightning speed – that is the magic Akamai brings.

Munesh Jadoun, the head at ZNet, is passionate about providing top-tier digital experiences. Now that Akamai is helping, businesses can do better and save money too. It is like a win for everyone.

ZNet introduces RackNap, a user-friendly tool ensuring seamless management of Akamai resources. This dashboard helps in keeping track of how much we use and hence it becomes easy to manage subscriptions as well as get help from customer support whenever we need it.

ZNet plans to spread Akamai’s digital magic across India, promising businesses exceptional support, transparent pricing and lightning-fast internet, thanks to Akamai’s expansive global network.

Mitesh Jain, a big shot at Akamai, is thrilled about teaming up with ZNet. He thinks ZNet knows a lot about the market and clouds, making them the perfect team to make Akamai’s stuff even better in India.

ZNet, with over a decade of experience since 2009, is a key player in B2B cloud solutions, partnering with major tech brands. Akamai, the expert at making the internet safe and fast, brings even more smarts to this team-up.

This big teamwork between the two is not just important for them, but it shows India is moving forward in tech. As more people want better internet, ZNet and Akamai are changing how India experiences the digital world.

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