Akamai Expands Cloud Computing Reach with New Regions Across Asia, Europe, Americas

By Sunil Sonkar
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Akamai Expands Cloud Computing Reach with New Regions Across Asia, Europe, Americas

Akamai has come up with a significant expansion of its cloud computing services worldwide. While many still associate the company with content delivery, the acquisition of Linode a year ago signaled its strong ambitions to become a major player in the cloud computing arena.


Even though it is not as big as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, Akamai is doing great in different areas including entertainment. They can also provide the important computer stuff that their customers want.

With a widespread global presence, Akamai is expanding its cloud computing services to more locations worldwide, including Paris, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Chennai, Amsterdam, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Osaka and São Paulo. Akamai’s strength lies in its extensive network of over 4,100 edge points in 131 countries, allowing low-latency access to its services. For instance, the Amsterdam region is connected to AMS-IX, the second-largest internet exchange globally, while regions in Miami and São Paulo enhance connectivity in Latin America. Given its role in content delivery, the addition of a Los Angeles region makes perfect sense.

Akamai’s cloud computing services are perfectly tailored for demanding tasks that need to be close to users, a common requirement in applications like streaming media, gaming and e-commerce. These services are a crucial part of Akamai Connected Cloud, a widespread platform that combines cloud computing, security, and content delivery. Its primary goal is to bring applications and user experiences nearer to people while effectively safeguarding against potential threats.

Presently, Akamai has a presence in various cities including Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont, Newark, Toronto, Frankfurt, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. When the 13 newly announced regions become operational, its global reach will encompass 24 locations. It is quite probable that the company will continue to introduce additional regions in the coming days.

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