Alastair MacLeod Advocates Satellite IoT as a Solution to Green future

In the environmental chaos, Alastair MacLeod of Ground Control sees the Internet of Things (IoT) as the key to a green future.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Alastair MacLeod Advocates for Satellite IoT as a Solution to Global Environmental Crisis

In the middle of the environmental mess we are in, there is an evolving technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). Alastair MacLeod, the head honcho at Ground Control, thinks this could be the big thing for a green future and he has some good reasons.


MacLeod’s excitement lines up with a report from the World Economic Forum, saying that 84% of IoT setups can help with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The version talked here is Satellite IoT. It helps us talk to gadgets far away and keeps an eye on as well as solve environmental problems.

Satellite IoT is not just a cool idea, but it is already doing amazing things for nature. It uses the so-called LoRaWAN like magic to spread sensors across big areas. Unlike regular networks that struggle in tough places, LoRaWAN nails it, covering massive spaces with hardly any gear.

MacLeod also talks about “Digitalisation of forest,” a plan to use fancy tech in forests. Satellite sensors act like forest detectives, finding deforestation, watching animals and measuring carbon dioxide. This info is like gold for people trying to save the environment.

This tech is not just for nature lovers, but it is also helping farmers. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers thinks that if 90% of farms use precision agriculture with Satellite IoT, it could do wonders for the environment. But, there is a catch – in faraway farms, regular internet struggles and that is where Satellite IoT saves the day.

In Kenya, there is a cool project called Synnefa. It helps farmers with smart sensors, telling them when to water and when to fertilize the farm land. The results are awesome – more than half less water used, 41% less fertilizer and a 30% boost in production.

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