AlgoBharat Announces Web 3 Startup Lab, Partnership with T-Hub

AlgoBharat, supported by the Algorand Foundation, has launched the Startup Lab program at T-Hub in Hyderabad.

By Sunil Sonkar
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AlgoBharat Announces Web 3 Startup Lab, Partnership with T-Hub

AlgoBharat, a project backed by the Algorand Foundation, has kicked off a program for startups in India. It is called the Startup Lab and it is taking place at the T-Hub in Hyderabad. The program runs for a year and is designed to assist 20 Web3 startups. The startups will receive various forms of support including guidance on technical and business aspects. They will also receive some funds.


They are looking for startups that use blockchain technology to make things more open and fair in areas like healthcare, supply chains and finance. The search for these startups is happening right now all across India and it ends on March 15, 2024. The lucky startups will be picked on March 18 and they will get going on March 22 at T-Hub.

This all comes after a big success for Algorand’s project in Delhi last December. Now, they want to keep the momentum going by supporting startups in India.

The Algorand Foundation is bringing in experts to help with the technical stuff and T-Hub is assisting with managing projects as well as providing business advice. They are also going to help these startups connect with big companies to try out their ideas.

Anil Kakani, from Algorand Foundation, is excited about what this program can do. He believes it will provide Web3 startups with the tools they need to grow and succeed.

Mahankali Srinivasa Rao, the CEO of T-Hub, is also pumped about this partnership. He says they are all about supporting new ideas and helping startups thrive.

Together, AlgoBharat, Algorand Foundation and T-Hub are working to give Indian startups a boost in the world of Web3.

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