Alibaba cloud sees a bright lining in data localisation

Alibaba cloud sees a bright lining in data localisation 1

Alibaba Cloud, which has entered in India recently, is now working at a very faster pace in the cloud computing industry, according to the report.

The General Manager of India, Alex Li said that the company which has now already set up their two data centers in India had seen a big opportunity in the Indian government towards the data sets. The company has opened its first data center in Mumbai in January and second in September.

“India is an up-and-coming market for everyone. According to Gartner, the cloud market in the country grew by 37% in the last fiscal year. But growth for Alibaba was much higher and multiple times of that figure. We have a very aggressive growth plan for India, and it’s a major market for us,” Li said.

The Amazon Cloud Subsidiary, which is having a fierce competition with the Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure has a plans to expand in India by making more collaborations, penetrating the government industry and to widen up its target base to include a different set of patterns. He also said that the company big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are some of its main components.

Yesterday, Alibaba Cloud has now come into a partnership with the ONGO framework, which is a digital and IT solutions company which is now going to provide digital services to more than 10000 small, micro and small enterprises in India by the end of 2019 as its first phase of the initiative.

The company is looking ahead to be in more partnership with the state governments, after having a partnership with the Andhra Pradesh government for a project. It is looking to cover areas such as technology, SME’s, technology via partnership.

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