All you need to know about Firefox latest update

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All you need to know about Firefox latest update 1

The list of the noticeable enhancements in Firefox 94 includes the site isolation, Colorways, as well as multiple security and performance improvements.


The latest stable version of the Firefox web browser, version 94, is now rolling out. There is quite a bit going on with a couple of some new features, some good add ons updates and a whole lot of improvements and performance fixes.

There are also some of the important security updates which roll out in each and every version update and new release to the browser.

Firefox 94 Highlights

As per the press release which has been released, so here are some of the new key features:

Colorways Themes

In the Firefox 94 update, you will now find a selection of six fun seasonal colorways themes available for a limited time period only. Now, after updating when you used to relaunch the browser, you will find a new tab that will open where it says “Life in Color”.

If you decide to explore Colorways, you will get six different colours and options that you can choose as different themes for the browser.

Of course, you can always refer back to this later, navigating to Settings à Extensions & themes à Themes.

Tabs Unloading

If you use a power user in the Firefox latest update, you can now release system resources by manually unloading tabs without having to close them. You just need to enter about: unloading in the address bar, hit Enter, and this will take you to tab unloading.

From here, you can manually unload different tabs to release the system resources.

It is essential to note that the Firefox latest release brings better protection now by introducing Site Isolation. Basically, in a nutshell, just to give you the definition of what Site Isolation does is it built upon a new protection and security architecture that is used to extend the current protection mechanism by separating web content and loading each site on its own Operating System Process.

This new security and privacy architecture allow Firefox to completely separate code originating from the different sites and, in turn, defend against malicious sites which are trying to access sensitive information from some other sites you are visiting.

Improved WebGL Performance

Another big new feature of the latest Firefox release is the enabling of the EGL to handle graphics context management in the X11 for the AMD and Intel users with the help of recent Mesa graphics stacks. This new feature replaces the old GLX implementation and promises to offer a performance boost.

After upgrading to Firefox 94, users should notice more efficient and faster rendering. EGL also unifies the rendering of the path for the Wayland and X11. This means that new features which are made for the Wayland, such as better support for the VSync or suspended rendering for the invisible windows, will also be available for the X11. Moreover, Firefox latest update will still use the GLX process for the X11 proprietary NVIDIA graphics driver.

Multi-Account Containers

Firefox latest release rolling out with the Multi-Account Containers extension with the Mozilla VPN integration. So, if you use the Mozilla VPN, this lets you use a different server location for each and every container in the browser.

For your information, container tabs are like normal tabs; moreover, the sites you used to visit will have access to a separate slice of the browser storage. This means that your site preferences, advertising tracking data and logged in sessions would not carry over to the new container. Likewise, any browsing you do within the new container will not go to affect your logged-in sessions or tracking data of your other containers.

Other Changes in Firefox 94

Now Firefox will no longer be going to warn you by default when you exit the browser or close a window with the help of a button or menu. Mozilla says this to cut back on disturbances and various notifications popping up in the browser.

Among some other things, Windows users will have several interruptions because Firefox would not prompt you for updates. Moreover, a background agent would be download and install updates even if the Firefox is closed.

So, that is more or less what is new in the Firefox latest web browser.

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