All you need to know about Google Pixel Locked Folder

All you need to know about Google Pixel Locked Folder 1

Google Photos will soon be going to make the “Locked Folders” feature available on the iOS application. This security feature will allow the users to lock their private pictures with the help of a password-dependent folder.

‘Locked Folders’ Feature is Coming to iOS.

As per the report, which was revealed on the 29th of October, Google is now working on expanding its special feature for the safe storage of the user’s most sensitive images. The “Locked Folders” feature is said to become available for iOS users early next year.

Furthermore, this privacy-focused capability is only exclusive to the Google Pixel smartphones. Besides the use of the passcode, images and videos can also be saved via a fingerprint scanner.

What is much more interesting about this feature is its extra protection against privacy invasion. When your photos are inside the folder, they will also remain hidden for the viewer. This means that your sensitive media will not appear on the user screen on the Google Photos app.

Users should also make sure to take a note that any media backups made in the “Locked Folders” will be immediately removed from the servers. Furthermore, the search engine giant also revealed that its security service would be a safe place to treasure the memories of life.

This feature stood out because of its encryption, as per the announcement from Google. This capability helps to suit the demand of the users to simply safeguard the pictures which they want to share or preserve.

Google Photos Data Leak

Apart from having a Google strong reinforcement for the purpose of privacy, around 100000 users were reportedly involved in a massive data leak. At the same point in time, several private videos of the individuals have been accidentally shared with strangers because of a technical glitch.

At the same moment, Apple has not yet revealed the same feature that Google created. While the iOS features a “Hidden” folder in the main library of the photos, this would not totally secure the user’s images.

They even might be hidden for some point in time, but via the use of third-party applications, anyone can see what’s inside it, as per the report.

Moreover, Google One added a new monthly plan which features around 5TB storage for only $24.99. And for any additional storage of around 100 GB, the price of the service will begin at a monthly value of $1.99.

If the user wants to opt for the 200 GB option, then you can pay around $2.99 per month. The 2TB version is only available for $9.99.

When it comes to its VPN service, the company is planning to expand its across ten countries for this week. Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Finland are some of the covered areas of the expansion.

Google Photos Door-to-Door Service

In the month of September, Google revealed that it would now let its customers order prints in the country. Via Google Photos, shipping one’s photographs is just one step away from your door.

Apart from these changes, the firm also brought some of the new sizes for the photos prints.

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