All you need to know about , Google Project Magi

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All you need to know about , Google Project Magi 1

Google Project Magi is a direct competitor to Chat GPt. We all know that google has announced many products.


Google is working on Project Magi, a new search engine poised to replace the current

Google search model that powers over 8.5 billion searches per day. We also know that google is taking AI race pretty seriously. They just recently announced . Google has deployed 160 engineers on Google Magi,. They are working to create a n

search engine with Al features and personalized results, aiming to provide relevant

answers adapted to individual users.

 What The new search engine will have ?

The new search engine will have ą chat-like interface, similar to ChatGPT, making

search more conversational and adaptive to users’ preferences, and allowing users to


ask follow-up questions.

One thing Google does actually have in its favour is that its does actually have the monopoly on search meaning, that it is still the No 1 powered search engine, but of course with the new powered search engine called magie is essentially what we are going to have .

Transactions, such as purchasing items or booking flights, will be possible directly on

Google, leveraging Google Pay integration and providing users with personalized product recommendations based on their preferences and search history.

Project Magi is set to launch in May, initially available to 1 million users in the United States, with plans to expand to 30 million users by year-end Additional features are expected to be released in the fall.

Why Google is racing to Launch Magi ?

Alphabet shares fall 4% after Samsung considers replacing Google with Bing, as its default search engine on its devices amid fears of search engines ability to compete in the Al arms race.

Samsung still makes up a large part of Google’s net revenue

An estimated $3 billion in annual revenue was at stake with the Samsung contract An additional $20 billion is tied to a similar Apple contract that will be up for renewal this year. All this makes Bing the most serious threat to Google’s search business in 25 years.

Conclusion : Google is running on a great pace and it seems that soon google will rule over the world of AI, people are waiting to use and get the first glimpse of goggle search engine Magi .

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