All you need to know about Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics

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All you need to know about Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics 1

Oracle revealed new analytics capabilities for the Oracle Fusion Cloud Manufacturing and Supply Chain and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP). Built on the Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics and Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics delivers suitable data to help organizations make informed decisions so that drive more revenue and mitigate risk.


Oracle Rolls Out New Analytics Capabilities for Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM and ERP

Analyst Take:

Business leaders have never needed some more data to gather insights and gain higher visibility into the procurement and supply chain. With the issues that many organizations are as of now facing with the supply chain delays, having access to real-time data is table stakes. But moreover, compiling chain delays, compiling this data is often more time consuming and done manually with the spreadsheets. That is why these new offerings from Oracle are so attractive.

Oracle Fusion ERP delivers the insights that organizations need to analyse capital, pay performance, procurement, profitability and revenue. Oracle Fusion SCM delivers a comprehensive view of the supply chain operations to help enterprises prepare and predict future disruptions. Both come with pre-built analytics and ready to use monitoring dashboards that can help the enterprises get started right away. And when organizations need to make decisions at lightning speed, having a solution that does not take much more time to set up is more essential.

Oracle Fusion ERP Details

Organizations that use the Oracle Fusion ERP will be able to do the below following to Oracle:

  • Accurately Track Fixed Assets: With the Oracle Fusion ERP, finance teams can accurately track asset lifecycle and asset value which makes it easier to plan for the financial and depreciation forecasts.
  • Improve Understanding of project cost, and commitments: Finance and Operations departments can help to gain better insight into the current and historic costs across the projects tasks, suppliers and resources.
  • Understanding and optimizing spending: With much better insights into the costs and assets, organizational leaders can optimize the spending and discover some new opportunities for several business units.
  • Improve Procurement and Supplier Performance: Finance and operations leaders can help to gain a holistic view of the supplier and procurement performance across the enterprise, which makes it easier to identify potential issues.

Oracle Fusion SCM Details

Organizations that use the Oracle Fusion SCM will be able to do the following as per Oracle:

  • Connect Supply Chain Process with the Business Goals: Organizations can easily tie supply chain decisions to the overall business goals to optimize resources and thus reduce costs.
  • Gain Visibility into Supply Chain Performance: With the intuitive dashboards that provide deeper insights into order and management and fulfilment, procurement, inventory, organizations can understand how their supply chains are performing, including where improvements can be made.
  • Detect, understand and predict supply chain issues: Machine learning capabilities and predictive analytics can give organizations some of the necessary tools to identify and understand supply chain issues that can negatively impact the bottom line.

Just What Businesses Need

In the current situation of the post-pandemic world, as organizations continue to navigate supply chain issues that impact all aspects of the business, finding platforms that can deliver the necessary insights to make better decisions could be the difference between failure and success. Oracle has been consistent with its commitment to deliver several cloud based analytics platforms that help customers meet and exceed goals.

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