AllAbout Innovation develops a Biomedical Devices to fight COVID-19

Biomedical Devices to fight COVID-19 Bonafice Gasper

How would you define the evolution of Allabout Innovation since its inception?

During the first lockdown, we were all connected in keeping our town safe along with the district administration. We were able to keep the cases down to a 0 at one time, thanks to the scientific inputs we gathered from around the world. Some of our team members were involved in the trace project, (enabling mobile testing units using negative pressure) which was later taken all over the state and the country. We also designed low-cost face shields and other solutions to fight the pandemic.

During this stint, there was a need to protect the ambulance workers and transportation people as there were the most vulnerable group. Our first product was a technology we studied from Germany and we made the first 20mg ozone generation machines which was using corona discharge for production. Later, our scientists were able to come out with a better solution by enabling the air to sanitize itself by thrusting the air with negatively charged ions.

Even though the technology was used in the world for a long time to treat other kinds of illness like asthma and depression, no one thought of enhancing the ions production to sanitize the air. We were able to generate the trillion ions mark by our patent pending design and attain the desired results. The results are now validated by many government agencies around the world including Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Dubai central laboratories etc.

Tell us more about your product – Wolf Airmask? How is it benefitting the society? What according to you are some of the unique features which are or would attract users to your product?

A Non-Regulatory Medical Device, the Wolf Airmask is the only device in the world that can produce 100% negative ions efficiently to an area of 1000 sq. ft. and 10,000 cu. ft and produces no positive ions or ozone that is harmful in nature.  This is also the only device tested against Sars Cov2 Virus. It was tested at RGCB (Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology) which is ICMR’s top-rated technology centre under the Central Government. Their conclusion is that our device reduces the Covid Viral load to 99.9% in the air and surfaces.

The Wolf Airmask device has been tested against other viruses and Bacteriophage MS2 as well. It shows the same efficiency. Tests were conducted at SGS and Dubai Municipality as well. We have received all approvals and certifications (CE) necessary. To secure an area of 1000 sq ft and 10,000 cu ft, the cost is just INR 29,500. This plug-and-play device (40 W Consumption), requires no maintenance for 70,000 hours ( Approx 8 Years).

Whom do you see as your potential competitors and what is your differentiating factor?

SHYCOCAN seems to be having a similar product and that is acclaimed to be on the functioning of a different technology as per their website.

Our Product Differentiator is as follows:

  1. Our device, WOLF AIRMASK is a 100% negative ion generator without any consumable or other filter based purification system.
  2. Our device is proven to be not emitting any harmful emissions or ozone gas.
  3. It weighs only 2.5 Kg and could be installed in a wall-mount manner.
  4. Unlike other fumigation systems and as it does not involve any chemicals, WOLF AIRMASK ensures that the useful microbes are not destroyed in the room.

What is in the name – Wolf Airmask?

The animal WOLF is known for its peculiar skill in hunting and our device ensures in being an effective air sterilizer, attenuating all the harmful microbes in the nook and corner of the indoor space in an effective manner.

Which are the technologies actively prominent in your product and offerings?

WOLF AIRMASK is based on Plasma Air Sterilization Technology, providing a coverage upto 1000 sq. ft area with 10,000 cubic feet volume. For spaces above 1000 sq ft, multiple units shall be used accordingly

What’s next from Allabout Innovation? Any new features that users should be looking out for?

Our Research and Development team is also engaged with the upcoming products which are mainly from the domain of Biomedical Devices and also based on electrical engine development.

How has the ongoing pandemic affected Allabout Innovation – both in terms of business and no. of users

The stringent measures of lockdown and other protocol measures in other states often pose some challenges and delay in the implementation, and we are deploying special efforts to take care of the matters from Raw Material Procurement to final dispatch of the product.

What are the challenges you faced while launching this product?

There is no major challenge right now as people are really aware of microorganisms hurting their health and livelihoods. And to fight it in a better way, science and technology is the only way out.

How have the consumers responded to the idea of tech purifying their homes?

WOLF AIRMASK stands out in its mission as it is a novel device, which could be efficient in rupturing the shell of even the mutated or genetically modified variants of the virus.

What are your business strategies for 2021?

ALLABOUT INNOVATIONS, a Startup under Startup India (DIPP71383) and Kerala Startup Mission (DIPP71383/2020/KSUM1177) with its registered office at Alappuzha, is committed to design and commence Innovation Hubs, Maker Space, & Green Innovation Labs, where dedicated young minds could chisel their innovative ideas to brilliant applications to the society.

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