Alyve Health Gains $6M Investment,

By Sunil Sonkar
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Alyve Health Gains $6M Investment, Chinese Insurtech Huize Moves into Southeast Asia

Health and insurance technology is evolving at a rapid pace and two companies have lately made significant strides. These are Alyve Health from India and Huize from China. Both the startups are innovating within their borders. Both are pushing the boundaries of possibilities in this digital age.


Alyve Health was founded in 2020 and lately has successfully secured $5.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Axilor Ventures. The investors were 1Crowd Fund, InHealth Ventures and Trifecta Capital. The new capital will propel it to new heights. It offers personalized digital health plans tailored to corporates. It includes 24/7 doctor consultations, diagnostics, medication, dental care and gym memberships.

The startup serves more than a million members through its network of partner insurers, brokers, financial institutions, clinics, diagnostic centers and fitness studios. It aims to revolutionize corporate healthcare. It also aims to enhance its data, security and AI capabilities. The fresh investment signifies the importance of personalized health solutions in the corporate world.

Chinese insurtech company Huize is also making waves. It is expanding internationally. It is entering the Southeast Asia markets. Lately, it acquired Vietnamese insurtech company Global Care and it is seen as a beginning of the expansion plan.

Global Care was founded in 2017 and it offers cloud API solutions that help insurers to streamline and digitize the sales processes, operations and policy administration. The acquisition connects consumers, insurers and insurance distributors with range of technology-enabled insurance solutions like insurance consultation, customer engagement, marketing, risk management and claims service.

The mobile app of Global Care connects insurers with merchants and other distribution channels. It offers a wide selection of insurance products to a diverse base of customers.

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