Amazon Alexa can aid doctors during surgeries

Amazon Alexa can aid doctors during surgeries 1

Just after Amazon launched its Alexa skill store in the year 2015, the developers have created more than 10000 skills that which enable the users to interact with their Alexa enabled devices.

These skills allow the owners of the Echo Dot and Amazon Echo and some other connected devices to utilize the natural language processing to interact with the platform in a wide range of ways ranging from the shopping and gaming to gathering news, health, travel, fitness information.

Amazon Echo is an inbuilt Alexa or the Google Home smart speakers which cannot just only play your favorite songs but can also aid the doctors at the time of surgeries. Smart speakers are said to be well programmed and can even act as an aid to the physicians in the operating rooms; some of the researchers revealed in a report.

Smart home speakers are infused with the user voice interface which allows the Interventional Radiology physicians to ask the questions and retrieve information which is required for the treatment of their patients without any breaking their sterile scrub. At the time of treatments, IR relies on the modulated medical information which is delivered in a felicitous way.

Kevin Seals, MD, a fellow in interventional radiology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) said, ” When you’re in the middle of a procedure, you need to remain sterile, so you lose the ability to use a computer.” Further adding to his statement Seals said,

“This smart speaker technology helps us to quickly and intelligently make decisions relevant to a patient’s specific needs. This technology allows physicians to concentrate more closely on the care of their patients, devoting less time and mental energy to device technicalities.”


Written by Udit Agarwal

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