Amazon chatbot can now chat with customers in Hindi

By Sony T
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Amazon, which is one of the largest eCommerce company, is now adding Hindi language abilities to its chatbot assistant.

The feature will be going to help customers who prefer to speak or chat in Hindi, resolve queries at without even contacting a customer care support person, according to the report which has been revealed.

“When customers interact with the automated assistant, it first predicts the most likely issue they are trying to contact us for, post which customers can ask questions related to their issue and receive faster resolutions,” said Akshay Prabhu, director, customer service, Amazon India.

Amazon has been working so hard working on the Indian languages to its various Natural Language Processing and AI-based solutions like Alexa.

The chatbot, which is even aimed at a more conversational experience, can also be accessed over the company android application.

Most of the company nowadays has already rolled out the chatbots that use the latest emerging technologies to better connect with the customers.

Before this, PayU rolled out a merchant service platform PayU Assist to offer automated customer service capabilities to the merchants. The platform even uses Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence-based technologies to eliminate the manual process in customer service management.

Last year in the month of March, Haptik which is a chatbot based startup has now collaborated with the Amazon cloud subsidiary Amazon web services to offer chatbots that automate customer support, sales analytics, and client cultivation.

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