Amazon Go Revolution

Amazon-Go-Revolution started its journey on 5th July 1994. It is a renowned e commerce company. Recently it has launched its revolutionary next level Amazon Go. During its early days it commenced its journey only with selling online books.  Later as times passed it started selling many things which included DVDS, apparels, shoes, grocery, house appliances etc.

Presently it is one of the world’s most famous online shopping sites. It provides a number of things at a reasonable price.  Customers are also satisfied with its service. The company also provides international shipping to certain countries on specific products. This is indeed a great job.

Introduction of Amazon go: Amazon go is just an amazing thing. It is basically a store measuring 1800 square foot. The store is located in the hometown of Company. The system is quite unique in this store. Here the purchasers or buyers are allowed to choose and grab the product.

They can leave the store. The rest payment will be made from their Amazon account. Really a great thing. The store simply works on computer vision. There are sensors which detects what items are being taken. The entire process is very safe and organised.  Amazon go is indeed a very interesting thing.

Amazon go revolution

Process of Amazon Go: One have to follow a process while shopping in this Amazon store. The customer can commence by scanning an app as they enter the shop. Now start your shopping. Choose anything from the store and the sensor will observe it and add it to your cart.

Once you finish your shopping and leave the store your order will be charged from your account. The thing is very unique too. With this system there is no need to stand in a long queue and pay your bill.

Future plans: Amazon go have also planned to store its shop with more varieties of snacks, drinks, butter, foods like salads, sandwiches etc. With this it will also become more convenient for the shoppers to shop. They can now easily get all the necessary and daily items under one roof.  This cashless method of shopping has really benefitted many shoppers.

Suppose it may happen there is many things to buy. One may not get all things in one shop. But with Amazon Go one will get everything under one roof. This is however a great initiative too.

Benefit for customers: With Amazon Go customers are highly benefitted. With this the customers got rid of standing in a long queue for hours. The company will track the entire thing from tracking you to tracking your phone number. The company can even track the items you intent to buy. Thanks to the advanced science and technology.

The customers are greatly satisfied at this step. This benefit can be enjoyed by the employees of Amazon at Beta area. They are highly satisfied and happy at this service. It will somehow take a bit time to open in other areas .By 2017 it is hoped that it will open in many places.

It is presumed that the role of camera and computers are immense in this store. Moreover the sensors are so specially designed that they can even track a customer if they pick anything and start consuming at the time of shopping. The entire process is really awesome.

The store is really so organised that it will be a great privilege to shop in this stores. It may happen sometimes that Amazon may not be satisfied at how many items you took. In such case it may straight away confirm with you to charge the exact amount.

Another thing that must be said that the cameras are so intelligently designed that they can go to determine your skin colour. This is so done in order to see that the customers might not pick anything from the shelf.

In spite of all these efforts there are still some unanswered questions which needs clear clarifications. Suppose two friends went for shopping and one friend picks an item and hand it to another friend. Then whose account will be charged?  Again how will the company identify if both the persons of the same family enter the store and shops in the same account?

These are some questions which have been raised and have not yet received any justified answers. Let’s hope for the best. Therefore Amazon Go which is a great initiative needs some more time to attain significance.


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