Amazon India Director Highlights AI, ML Role in Shaping E-commerce Future

By Sunil Sonkar
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Amazon India Director Highlights AI, ML Role in Shaping E-commerce Future

Amazon India’s Director of Product & Technology, Kishore Thota, stated that AI and ML will play an important role in shaping the future of e-commerce in the country. He talked about the shift towards online shopping for its convenience, with AI and ML enabling personalized and accessible experiences, surpassing traditional factors like competitive pricing.


On October 8th, Amazon India inaugurated the Amazon Great Indian Festival, unveiling a wide array of products and services within this segment. The company’s collaboration extends to over 300 influencers hailing from diverse domains, including technology, gaming, fashion, lifestyle, home, sports and beauty, encompassing more than 1000 streams.

At the same time, Amazon India has introduced Augmented Reality (AR) shopping experiences, revolutionizing the customer journey by providing innovative and interactive methods for customers to discover and engage with products. This integration significantly enriches the overall shopping experience.

Amazon is set to invest an extra $15 billion in India over the period of next seven years, raising their total commitment to $26 billion. Their core focus includes digitizing small businesses, creating jobs, enabling exports and empowering individuals as well as small enterprises globally.

To meet the demands of a diverse country like India, as the next 100-200 million customers come online, Thota acknowledged the need to address unique challenges. These include overcoming language barriers, implementing voice-to-text technology, encouraging digital payment adoption and accommodating the preference for a tactile shopping experience before making purchases. Amazon India aims to continually reduce these barriers and promote the adoption of digital services to ensure a seamless shopping experience for all.

In preparation for the festive season, Amazon India has also created over 1 lakh seasonal job opportunities across its operations network, both direct and indirect, to support the surge in customer orders during this period.

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