Amazon Launches IIT JEE Ready App To Enter Edtech Sector

By Sony T
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Amazon Launches IIT JEE Ready App To Enter Edtech Sector 1

One of the largest eCommerce platforms, Amazon, has now come into the education tech domain with the launch of its JEE ready app in the beta phase.


This is not the maiden development, as, before this, the company has also added a grocery vertical and is currency focusing more on the India first content for the Amazon Prime Video. This even indicates how essential is the Indian market for e-commerce giants like the Alibaba, Amazon, and others.

The JEE Ready app as of now in the beta phase that lets the students take free mock tests for their preparation of Indian engineering tests like the IIT-JEE.

The new app, which is powered and supported by the Amazon, will let users take mock tests to prepare for the real entrance exams and has more than 11000 installs as of now, users can easily log in with their Amazon ID and add details such as their target year and the coaching institute they have enrolled in.

Amazon, as of now, has listed a few coaching institutes, but the tests served to students is the same at the moment.

According to the report which has been revealed, there were 3500 education technology startups available in India in 2018. Between the year 2014 and 2018, 180 startups were funded with a total of $1.34 Billion.

Some of the significant education tech startups in India includes the upGrad, TestBook, Toppr, BYJUS and others.

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