Amazon Partnered with Getty Images to Enable Image Search To Echo Devices

Amazon Partnered with Getty Images to Enable Image Search To Echo Devices 1

Now it will easy for you to search regarding any specific image, on your Amazon Echo devices with the help of Alexa. Amazon has now teamed up with Getty to provide all the various kinds of stock images on different types of responses made by Alexa, on the the range of Echo devices that are currently on offer.

Be it sports, or entertainment, or news or any other types of creative photos – you’ll get your own desired results. Therefore, without getting responses in words, like you usually get with Alexa, you’ll now be getting responses in terms of pictures. Just like what you’d expect with a normal Google Web Search.

Getty has a stock of about 200 million pictures. So, with devices like the Echo Show or Echo Spot, you’ll now be able to experience stock images from that huge database in the form of Web Directory, in just mere seconds. It is also rumored that Google will also be launching a Echo Show competitor, this year in 2018.

Amazon also said in a statement that this Getty feature will currently only work in a specific set of Q&As asked to Alexa. Amazon will be increasing the number of questions as the time will pass, and therefore will include more genres as well. This will include pop culture, entertainment, etc.

The content creators at Getty are active 24×7, for 365 days a year – to capture all the latest and greatest pictures happening at various events all around the globe. From football matches to red carpets, you just name it.

Therefore, you can easily search via Alexa asking about any country’s national flag or about any Hollywood actor or actress, and Alexa will deliver you with stunning yet relevant pictures you need. It is being reported that Amazon is paying almost $3 Billion for this partnership deal.

This shows that Amazon is not resting on their laurel, waiting for Google to release the Echo Show competitor. Amazon is now trying to match up to Google Search Engine results, and the battle is only starting to just warm up.

This will be a major breakthrough for Amazon, because currently, most of the images Amazon sources, is from Wikipedia and Bing. Last year, the Amazon Echo Show had received quite some flak for not being efficient enough, in terms of content, to utilize the display. Well, now by teaming up with Getty and the ability to deliver high-resolution images, makes the Echo Show a compelling option in today’s world.

This partnership also means more business for Getty as well. For years now, Getty has been trying to find ways to monetize their work and platform . But, now with this Amazon deal, Getty has found out the right way to utilize their stock of 200 million digitized images. This, in turn, will create value for the whole company as well. It will also give Getty the opportunity to help Amazon leverage this deal against the mighty Google. Only time will tell the outcome of this deal. For now, it’s time to bask in the glory of high-resolution images.

Written by Manpreet

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