Amazon Pay makes an offline push with ‘scan and pay’ service

Amazon Pay makes an offline push with 'scan and pay' service 1

Amazon India, which is one of the largest eCommerce giants is now introducing QR code based facility for the payments and product discovery at some of the offline stores amid efforts to increase the adoption and offer some of the new use cases for its digital wallet Amazon Pay.

The scan and pay strategy came into the offline segment in the year 2017 to bring up the small sellers and offline businesses onto into digital payment processing system.

Amazon Pay offline service will now be available at Shoppers Stop, which is the e-retailer chain which Amazon acquired 5% stake two years ago.

Consumers in some of the selected areas of Bangalore can avail this facility, which will also be expanding soon in the coming months.

“We have begun introducing Amazon Smile code, a new way for our customers to shop and pay at physical stores, e.g. Shoppers Stop, among others,” said an Amazon India spokesperson. “Amazon customers can use their Amazon app to scan the Smile code and discover the product, read reviews, ratings and buy the product with Amazon Pay.”

Customers can easily add the money to their Amazon Pay wallets with the help of UPI, Net banking, Debit/Credit card upto Rs 10000 without evening completing the formalities of KYC.

The Reserve Bank of India has now mandatory rolled that all the wallets would need to complete the KYC process of its customers by the end of February.

In another bid to boost up the Amazon Pay payment system, the company had also rolled out its UPI handle in February for the payment with the help of a real-time system.


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