Amazon Plans to Add ChatGPT-style Conversational Product Search

Amazon Plans to Add ChatGPT-style Conversational Product Search 1

Amazon is currently planning to make launch of ChatGPT-style product search to its web store. The company is trying to create rival efforts by Microsoft and Google to weave generative artificial intelligence into their search engines.

The e-commerce giant, Amazon has the ambition to get appear in recent job postings. One of the senior software development engineers of Amazon mentioned that the company is reimagining Amazon Search with an interactive conversational experience. In direction to this, the ChatGPT-style Conversational Product Search is designed to help users in finding the answers to questions, compare products and receive personalized suggestions.

Amazon mentioned that the company is looking for the best and brightest across Amazon to help realize and deliver this vision to customers right away. This will be considered as one of the major transformation for search.

Apart from this, another posted job will be considered as a part of “a new AI-first initiative to re-architect and reinvent the performance of the search through the utilization of extremely large scale next-generation deep learning techniques.

Amazon spokesperson Keri Bertolino said that the company is significantly investing in generative AI across all businesses.

Conversational product search consists of the potential to reshape a key element of Amazon’s core retail business. The search bar at the top of the app and home page has become the default gateway for millions of shoppers who are actively seeking for finding a specific product.

Early deployments of generative AI by Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google and others have been set by errors in response to basic questions. This also showcases how a beefed-up Microsoft Bing or Google search could offer users a more valuable way to find products.

Microsoft Bing which is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT reflects five best electric razors pulled up a roster of five products, including citations to reviews from Men’s Health and GQ, along with links to stores selling the products. Dozens of products are also showcased with the help of pair of ads by Amazon.

Amazon’s search experience has been criticized since years for the increased share of results devoted towards ads and other sponsored content.

Generative AI makes the utilization of vast quantities of data to assemble large language models that can help in the creation of text or images. Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy said on an earnings call last month that the technology is presenting a remarkable opportunity to transform virtually every customer experience.

Amazon Web Services+ which is the company’s cloud-computing unit revealed a set of services that rely on advances in generative AI. The company is looking forward to using similar technology to improve its Alexa voice assistant. Amazon is also building a team to use artificial intelligence tools for the creation of photos and videos for advertising campaigns.

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