Amazon Releases New Cloud Tools to Help Build Chatbots, Heats Up AI Competition

By Srikanth
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Amazon Releases New Cloud Tools to Help Build Chatbots, Heats Up AI Competition 1

Amazon’s cloud computing released a suite of technologies that has an objective to help other companies in developing their own chatbots and image-generation services which are backed by artificial intelligence.


Microsoft and Alphabet are adding AI chatbots to consumer products. The aim of both of the companies is to target other huge markets as well. Microsoft and Alphabet are selling the underlying technology to other companies through the cloud operations.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s biggest cloud computing service provider that races with a suite of its own proprietary AI technologies.

AWS will offer a service which is named Bedrock that allows businesses to customize foundation models. The core AI technologies can perform various activities like responding to queries with human-like text or generating images from a prompt. OpenAI offers a similar kind of services to its users and allows the customers to fine-tune the models.

The Bedrock service will allow the customers to work with Amazon’s own proprietary foundation models called as Amazon Titan. This model offers a menu of models by other companies.

The Bedrock service lets AWS customers test-drive those technologies without dealing with the underlying data centre servers.

Those underlying servers will make the utilization of a mixture of Amazon’s own custom AI chips and also the chips from Nvidia Corp. Nvidia Corp is the biggest supplier of chips for AI.

Dave Brown, the vice president of Elastic Compute Cloud at AWS said that the company is now able to land tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of these chips.

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