Amazon’s Alexa can now shop for you online

Now people shopping from Amazon have one more reason to celebrate, in addition to the discounts and the wonderful and diverse stock, of course. The company has recently made it possible for its shoppers to order millions of products from its ecommerce platform by making use of Alexa, Amazon’s native virtual assistant.

For people trying to comprehend how would that work, it would actually go something like this. For example, you wish to buy a particular product from Amazon. Now, all you will have to do is to give a really simple voice command to Alexa. It could go like, “Alexa, order an XYZ book” or “Alexa, order a juicer” etc. Once Alexa receives the user’s command, it suggest the products and their costs to the user and then all they have to do is confirm the order by saying a “Yes”.

Amazon’s virtual voice assistant is currently available in its various products like Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. But, until now, it was only capable of ordering only those products that were previously ordered by the user via Amazon’s Choice service.

The only catch in this fabulous Amazon invention is, that the new feature for now will only be available to the customers of Amazon Prime. Further, the assistant isn’t yet capable of ordering everything from Amazon’s ecommerce platform. According to company sources, this particular bug is being currently worked out and it might soon not be a problem at all.

Also, the products being ordered by Alexa need to be Amazon Prime eligible. For the unaware, Amazon Prime is Amazon’s subscription-based service that promises its customers an unlimited two-day shipping. According to the ecommerce giant, they are constantly working towards adding more and more new products in the list.

Recent times have seen Amazon working really hard on Alexa and trying a number of things constantly to keep improving its services. As recent as last month, Amazon had made an addition of over 1000 skills to Alexa. Some of the skills that Alexa can dispense are booking cabs, checking bank balances, ordering food and selecting music etc.

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