Amazon’s cloud with AI going to give benefit to Formula 1 Races


Amazon Web Services Inc. are getting stronger to hold the best position in public cloud field by joining Formula One Group as its biggest pavilion customer.

Formula 1 is planning to shift most of there imperative information systems to AWS cloud for take the benefit of cloud’s machine learning and data analysis services. Formula 1 said in a statement that they have great plans to hold on Amazon’s SageMaker service, which is totally operated by machine learning just for generating idea and implementing that idea for deep learning models.

This is done to give best experience to fans while the races will go on, through giving training for deep learning models with 65 years to excellent history of race data that is going to be sent to Amazon DynomoDB database and Amazon Glacier data storage service. With the help of Amazon Cloud Formula 1 will be giving much more informed predictions by analyzing their past history easily, which will give fans more liberty and understanding while choosing there team and drivers during tournament.

“Formula 1 data scientists can analyze and predict the chance of winning and losing for teams with their utmost profit and will give time to change tires,” said the company.

“Amazon SageMaker will give more detailed information about the driver’s performance during their races. This will be done by using Amazon Kinesis to record race information in actual time” said Pete Samara the director of Formula 1 race innovation and digital technology.

Formula 1 is going to take advantage of other Amazon services like AWS Elemental Media to facilitate better watching experience of every single race to the fans. This service is for enhancing video quality of race that will give fantastic racing experience to all the viewers.

These services are not just to benefit fans but all to other parts of the Formula 1 team. Formula 1 will be using Amazon’s high-end performance computer to test the aerodynamic performance of cars during the race. After collecting all the data and the analytic team will work on the designs of new car for Formula 1 which will be more accurate, high speed, less time taking and many better features to create best car. Amazon Cloud got there one of the most reputated customer profile as Formula 1 this year. Amazon has a good list of customers like Oath Inc, Zulily LLC, GoDaddy Inc, Automotive Inc, Cox Shutter fly Inc, Comcast Cable.


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