Amazon’s Rajeev Rastogi Discusses Upskilling for AI-Driven Jobs

By Sunil Sonkar
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Amazon's Rajeev Rastogi Discusses Upskilling for AI-Driven Jobs

The future of work is undergoing a transformation with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Rajeev Rastogi, VP of International ML at Amazon, shed light on how upskilling can prepare employees for the AI-driven workforce and these technologies are reshaping how employees work by automating tasks as well as take help from enabled data-driven decisions.


Machine learning and AI are gradually taking an important place in several industries including manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. A World Economic Forum study predicts that the roles of these will be the top emerging job opportunities in India over the period of next five years. This surge in demand for AI skills has led to a growing need for training and upskilling initiatives.

To bridge this skills gap, Amazon India offers programs like the Machine Learning Summer School, providing practical knowledge and making students industry-ready. Educational institutions are also offering ML courses, contributing to the growth of a skilled ML workforce.

As AI and machine learning continue to advance, traditional job roles will evolve. HR professionals can help employees transition smoothly into new roles by implementing upskilling and reskilling programs. These initiatives prepare the workforce for the demands of the AI and machine learning era.

With the rise of remote work, HR can leverage AI and machine learning to enhance employee engagement and well-being. Amazon uses continuous listening mechanisms and real-time feedback through platforms like “Connections” to improve the workplace experience.

Amazon has partnered with educational institutions to bridge the skills gap and prepare students for careers in AI and machine learning. Initiatives like the Amazon ML Summer School and ML Challenge provide students with opportunities to gain skills and work on real-world problems.

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