Ambani Unveils Digital Connexion’s Data Center at Global Investors Meet

Ambani announces Digital Connexion, a cutting-edge data center in Chennai, a joint venture with Digital Realty and Brookfield.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Ambani Unveils Digital Connexion's Chennai Data Center at Global Investors Meet

Digital Realty, Brookfield and Reliance Industries are about to open a super-advanced data center together in Indian city Chennai. Their joint venture is called Digital Connexion.


Mukesh Ambani, head of Reliance Industries, shared at a global investors meet held in Tamil Nadu that his company is teaming up with Canada’s Brookfield and US-based Digital Realty to create a high-tech data center that is scheduled to open by next week.

The Chennai place called MAA10 has 20MW of computer power and is all brand-new. The joint venture has also acquired 2.15 acres of land in Mumbai for an additional 40MW facility.

Digital Connexion has big plans beyond Chennai and their website shows they have a bigger vision for the place in Ambattur. The Chennai location is expected to house four data center buildings, providing a total of 100MW of IT capacity across 10 acres.

MAA10, the first data center to go live, spans 196,000 sq ft over seven stories, with construction commencing in February 2023 after the plot’s $30 million purchase in February 2022.

In addition to their data center endeavors, Mukesh Ambani expressed Reliance’s commitment to invest in renewable energy and green hydrogen initiatives in Tamil Nadu. He emphasized collaboration with the state government for sustainable development, aligning with efforts to combat the climate crisis.

Originally established as BAM Digital Realty, a joint venture between Digital Realty and Brookfield in July 2021, the partnership evolved into Digital Connexion when Reliance joined last year. In October 2023, the joint venture named CB Velayuthan as its new CEO, showing a big move in its goal to create top-notch places in various cities in the country.

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