AMD Enters AI Chip Race with New Processors, Targeting Nvidia’s Market Lead

By Sunil Sonkar
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AMD Enters AI Chip Race with New Processors, Targeting Nvidia's Market Lead

Advanced Micro Devices, the so-called AMD, has come up with its latest artificial intelligence (AI) processors that is aimed to compete with industry leader Nvidia. It was unveiled during the recent Computex technology trade show in Taipei. CEO Lisa Su introduced the powerful MI325X accelerator that is to be made available by the end of 2024.


AI technology is lately facing high demand. This has led to a surge in the need for advanced chips and particularly for the use in AI data centers. Currently, Nvidia dominates the chip market and holds about 80% of the share. AMD now has plans to release new AI chips annually. It is the same strategy that Nvidia adopted in 2023.

Lisa Su emphasized that AI is their top priority. She stated that they have really harnessed all of the development capability within the company for it She further added that the need for constant innovation requires AMD to introduce competitive products every year.

AMD simultaneously announced the MI350 series in the event and it is expected to be made available in 2025. This promises to be 35 times more efficient in generating AI responses compared to the current MI300 series. AMD may also release the MI400 series in 2026. It will feature a new architecture called “Next.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced abreast to it their upcoming AI chip platform called Rubin and is well set for release in 2026. It will include GPUs, CPUs and networking chips.

Meanwhile, it is true that investor interest in AI technology remains strong. This is the reason the AMD and Nvidia stocks witnessed significant increase in recent days. AMD shares have witnessed more than double in value since the start of 2003.

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