Amdocs Drives Logistics Evolution Through 5G, IoT Partnerships

US-based Amdocs partners with phone companies to bring 5G and IoT to shipping, revolutionizing supply chain management.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Amdocs Drives Logistics Evolution Through 5G and IoT Partnerships

US-based software company Amdocs is making a big impact in the world of shipping by working with phone companies to bring 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the front. Their goal is to find new ways to use 5G and IoT to make a big difference in how we handle supply chains.

Phone companies are checking out how 5G can help in shipping stuff. They want to use it to track vehicles, make factories smarter, and connect everything better. 5G is super fast and does not make you wait, so it could even help bring healthcare to far-off areas.

One big success from this teamwork is a 5G clinic in Germany, done with Vodafone. This makes getting information to patients faster and allows different doctors to easily share medical history, making healthcare better.

India is also part of this big change, with Airtel teaming up with Amdocs to use 5G and IoT better. They are creating a digital platform to automate Airtel’s business and coming up with a plan called Airtel Black, covering mobile, broadband, direct-to-home and satellite communications.

While some Indian telecom operators are already expanding their 5G networks, others are still figuring out how to start. Even with some difficulties, Amdocs is helping by making sure 5G wireless services start in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Amdocs’ latest report for 2023 shows a big 6.8% yearly increase in revenue, reaching $4.89 billion. The growth happened because of clever deals in cloud stuff, making digital systems newer, using networks smarter and making 5G as well as fiber networks work really well.

Working with top telecom operators worldwide like T-Mobile, AT&T, Bell Canada, Three UK, Dish and PLDT, Amdocs is bringing new ideas at the crossroads of telecom and logistics.

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