AmzScout vs Jungle Scout – Best tools for Sellers

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AmzScout vs Jungle Scout - Best tools for Sellers 1

Modern business owners have taken their careers online with the use of Amazon FBA. This has given them various ways of management and advertisement of their products and services. Multiple Amazon product research software is now accessible for their use.

Product Research with Amazon

Amazon product research is all about the analysis of current and up to date market trends. It is a method advisable that could give a seller insights on the best products there is today. Product research tools give this collected data by means of their own string of functions.

Sales experts in the field of online businesses have pointed out that market evaluations should be done thoroughly for better profit margins. It is a crucial factor before picking up a product or the launch of your own. Product Research tools could provide satisfactory results concerning these variables.


Several product research tools have eventually surfaced as each of them offers unique capabilities aside from research alone. One of the most notable tools is Amzscout as its features are given an in-depth analysis with an amzscout review written by to be able to give business owners a detailed look to what it can accomplish. Another Amazon product research tool with a dependable function would be Jungle Scout.

A Comparison of Amzscout vs Jungle Scout

Both of these Amazon product research tools have unique characteristics and abilities to assist digital entrepreneurs in collecting valuable information. Let us take a closer look at both of their attributes.


Amzscout is initiated by people who have experience as online sellers. The problems they have faced and dealt with have given birth to some of its features. It paved the way for a product research platform to quickly mitigate the long durations of looking for an item that could make a great profit.

The research tool of Amzscout shortcuts your efforts and gets a potential product into the official listings. Amzscout even contains its own FBA calculator. This means that you can make estimates concerning overall profits, investments, and costs concerning the product you intend to launch.

Amzscout Tools

Amzscout’s Pro version has a variety of heavy-lift tools that are capable of processing relevant information about a certain item inside Amazon’s database. There are three main tools within the application:

  • Product Database

A tool designed to assist online entrepreneurs in locating potential products by entering a keyword related. A rapid search ensues, listing the product’s qualities, similar items, photos, information, and details into the final search result. 

Amzscout also lets a researcher seek out products without a keyword. This can be done with a list of categories and filters. Filters would make the current data accessible surrounding a product.

  • Keywords Explorer

The explorer tool works quickly after the input of a keyword. This would spawn product niches and listings that are highly demanded. The tool also helps you in seeing all the similar products and relevant names and keywords associated with your search.

Online sellers utilize this tool to great effect. They come up with original product ideas based upon their market demand. The best application of the explorer tool is to source items that have a possibility for consistent income.

  • Product Tracker

The Amzscout Product Tracker is where you record all of the items you wanted to sell. It helps with the creation of an organized database that can be improved and evaluated anytime. It functions as an extension that can help with the tracking of a product which can be tagged and saved with a singular click.

Amzscout WebApp

Amzscout’s Website Application can be extensively used with different browsers. It could completely access the Amazon database. It could also provide valuable data on a product’s sales numbers and other details involved.

Amzscout Chrome Extension

Amzscout’s Chrome Extension is a lightweight and accessible tool that gives the basic features of Amzscout. It shows all the available information circulating about an item. Amzscout Chrome Extension also lets the user view the product score – the score based on its potential and ideas for product categories.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a product research tool built for digital sellers. It could calculate the number of items sold and make hidden products accessible with the researcher. Jungle Scout functions to help a person search the best products with the potential for business growth. 

It is an Amazon search tool that helps in looking for the products with great potential, keywords, sales estimates, and tracking of other merchants. Jungle Scout easily identifies the best items with the possibility to increase income and grow a business. 

Jungle Scout Tools

Jungle Scout focuses on the whole game of profitability. It gains results with its direct market evaluations and the gathering of all data involving a product. Here are the features of Jungle Scout.

  • Niche Hunter

It is where a person inputs a set of parameters that could come up with ideas and categories relevant to the product that would be excellent in exploring the possibilities for your own niche. The parameters could be based upon:

  • Product Category
  • Competition
  • LQS – Listing Quality Score
  • Opportunity Score
  • Average price
  • Product Tracker

Jungle Scout lets you into the information that every product in the Amazon database possesses. It provides an item’s whole history of sales. The product tracker also assists in determining a product’s full potential for launching and sales.

  • Keyword Scout

It quickly identifies and isolates a customer’s queries and then automatically directs them towards your product. It optimizes your item lists to match any searches connected with your inventory.

Advantages of Keyword Scout:

  • Keyword Demands
  • Niche based keywords
  • Keyword processing and relevancy
  • Rapid Product ranking based on tough keywords 
  • Budget Estimation

Jungle Scout WebApp

The web-based software that helps you determine important information regarding your Amazon Product research. It uses filters to uncover even hidden products within Amazon’s product database. It helps narrow down the best items for sale.

Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension

It is Jungle Scout’s browser extension that can be downloaded after your subscription. It then installs itself as an accessible plugin. Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension can be utilized while performing product research on Amazon’s main website.


Amzscout and Jungle Scout function primarily as a product research tool made for Amazon sellers. They both isolate desirable products for the potential of mass profitability. Information exclusive about items and hidden products in the Amazon database can be tracked and located with both product research tools.

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