Android vs iOS apps: Which are better for a startup?

Android vs iOS apps

Do you know that the number of mobile users worldwide is estimated to increase to 6.95 billion in 2020? We cannot deny the fact that mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives and startup app developers know this very well. That’s why many startups are planning to start a mobile app centered business.

But developing for Android or iOS is one of the first decisions that you need to ask yourself if you are planning to build an application. So, through this piece of writing, I will guide you which platform will be best for you.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dig in!

Android Vs iOS Applications

When it comes to the comparison between the two platforms, it becomes challenging for businesses to choose the best one for them. Over the years, both of them have borrowed enough features from each other but still they are different in many ways.

Additionally, the selection between Android and iOS depends on your business requirements and the budget as well. Consider the geographic and demographic characteristics of your target audience while deciding which platform to build for the first time.

“If you are targeting the global audience, Android can be best for you. But if you’re an e-commerce company, iOS may be a better choice.”

From the past 10 years, Android app development services are progressing at a higher speed. Currently, it has 88% of the share of the worldwide mobile market.

Many brands are using this platform to build custom Android applications. And this has increased their revenues drastically, resulting in improving their business.

Android vs iOS apps: Which are better for a startup? 1
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The graph above is giving a clear idea of ​​how both app stores are performing on a personal level.

The above statistics are giving a clear indication of how big the smartphone industry has been, and it will be in higher demand in the coming years. It is time for the startup to take decisions related to Android vs iOS apps and reach these billions.

Android vs iOS Market Share

According to research by Statista, the market share of Android will grow to 84.4% by the year 2023. Here we can see that the market share of android apps is much more in comparison to iOS apps.

Android vs iOS apps: Which are better for a startup? 2

With the massive number of Android devices being ten times higher than Apple devices, the number of users is by default more inclined towards Android than iOS app development.

And this difference in market share makes Android a better alternative to iOS for the startups. Thus, you can hire android app developers in India and get an app developed of your choice.

Android vs iOS: Which Platform Should Startups Choose

Android vs iOS apps: Which are better for a startup? 3

Android vs iOS is one of the ongoing debates in the software development industry. The answer to which platform should startups choose is in no way a Yes or No type. There are many factors that a startup will have to consider when making a choice. Let’s take a look at those factors:

#1: Demographics

Android has a larger and ubiquitous user demographic than the iOS platform. Apple users are mostly located in developed and prosperous countries of the world.

Therefore, a vast gap exists between the two platforms when we consider the purchasing power of users, who use high-end devices, connectivity, spending on apps, and most importantly app usage for a wide variety of needs.

Some of the highest revenue-earning nations, such as the United States or Australia, fall under iOS dominance. So if your audience is from western countries, then you have to hire iOS developers.

#2: Fragmentation

Being a proprietary platform, iOS has also captured the hardware part of the app ecosystem. Therefore, iOS devices and their release cycles are under Apple’s hood.

In addition, it synchronizes iOS version releases with device releases, and it hardly has more than one release within a year. Thus, iOS developers face fewer fragmentations issues than Android developers.

Thus, fragmentation issues make the Android developer life difficult at the time of testing, quality control and compatibility comes into question. In short, fragmentation increases the overall development costs and minimizes the revenue flows that must come from a large audience.

#3: Know Your Users

The choice of app platform goes beyond geographical boundaries. Several characteristics distinguish Android demographics versus iOS demographics.

iOS users typically have a much higher income, come with greater education levels, are more engaged with the app, and are ultimately prepared to spend a lot more in-app.

On the other hand, Android users come with their share of distinctive features. They are typically aged 25 to 45, are spending more consciously and are generally more impatient than Apple users.

#4: Revenue Model

The mobile app monetization strategy is essential for any app startup to adopt one or more revenue models. Thanks to Google as Android’s Aka and the open-source nature of the platform, Android apps are available as more freemium than paid apps.

On the contrary, Apple is a proprietary platform, and its natural tendency is to support paid apps to earn more from investment. Therefore, iOS apps are overpaid, and freemium apps encourage low-in-app purchase features to sell paid apps in the end. Thus, iOS leads to more revenue streams than Android for app startups.

#5: Ease of Design and Development

Android vs iOS apps: Which are better for a startup? 4

Which is the preferred option for startups – Android or iOS – the answer is different on both Android and iOS front.

In terms of designing, Google content design has a more significant impact on user experience, with mobile app developers finding that when it comes to coding mobile apps, Swift is a much easier language, to begin with than Java.

However, design and development is a factor that depends less on the platform and more on the skills of your participating app development company.

When you connect with a brand that specializes in the development of both Apple and Android apps, it does not matter which platform requires less developmental effort as both are done within the same struggles.

Reasons to go for Android App Development.

There are various factors available when it comes to Android app development, as it has much to offer for startups. Some of the advantages that make android application development a preferable choice among startups are given below:

An open-source platform: The SDKs and development tools for Android are FREE; thus, it lowers the development cost.

Flexible customization methods: Android app development service providers often tell the startups about viability. Additionally, they can get flexible customization options with android app development.

Offers better development scope: It comes with a predefined development scope that is well evident from the market share. Android has a better market share in some regions of the US as compared to iOS.

Easy publicity of your app: The best part is that with android app development startups enjoy the freedom to publish and share apps on third-party stores. Also, they can share on platforms besides Google Play this can give Android a competitive edge in comparison to iOS platform.

Fast apps approvals: One of the best advantages of android app development is the quicker rate of app approval in comparison to iOS apps. iOS has laid down strict principles that are quite hard to abide at times.

Why choose iOS App Development?

If you want to get into the target demographic of the App Store, you should invest in a sound reputed iOS app development company and put your startup’s first mobile app on iOS. Here are some of perks and benefits of using iOS for your startup:

Revenue: As you already know, Apple users spend more money on app purchases than Android users.

Several devices: iOS only empowers Apple devices. Because of this, your app should fit a limited number of screens and devices.

UI design: iOS provides developers with a detailed style guide for the UI of the application. The team requires less time, making it more affordable in the app design phase.

Other than these, there are various reasons, such as:

  • iOS has more penetration in the enterprise market, thanks to a reputation for better security.
  • Developing an iOS app is faster, easier, and cheaper – some estimates put the development time for Android at 30 to 40% longer.
  • Another reason why iOS is more comfortable to develop for is the code.

Wrapping Up

So, which is the best platform, to begin with? Well, it depends. There are specific scenarios favouring Apple, such as if you are targeting a US audience with a substantial annual income.

But there are situations where Android development makes more sense. Like if you are targeting a global market and you have plans to drive sales through advertisements rather than in-app purchases.

By keeping all the above pointers in mind, you can contact a mobile app development company in India to help you build your app without worrying about the operating system. This will help you focus on the user experience and get more customers on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Written by Varun Bhagat

Varun Bhagat is a tech consultant & blogger working for PixelCrayons which is a leading software outsourcing company in India. He loves to share his tech knowledge gained over a period of 10+ yrs with like-minded people.


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