Android vs iOS: Which Won The Battle In 2016?

android or ios the best of 2016

The world of mobile devices is expanding fast but surely there are few battles that are as fundamental and primal as the battle between the two OS giants, Apple and Google. Google’s innovation, Android and Apple’s innovation, iOS have been at loggerheads for some time now and recently, with the release of Nougat 7.11 from Android and the iOS 10.2, the battle has only intensified. While the battle for supremacy is definitely exciting for the technology lovers, it is essential a good sign for technology too as it goes to show it is only improving as the days pass by.

Domination quotient

Of course, quality over quantity would say some, while others would say the opposite. However, if one bypasses that debate and look into what these operating systems have provided, one can recognize the revolution brought forth in mobile devices. For example, Android, sensing stiff competition from Apple in terms of user friendly updates, has come up with some crafty software development that has thrown a decent challenge to the supreme domination of iOS. While it does dominate the market in terms of quantity since it is open source and most mobile manufacturers do use android, iOS has its own market where it refuses to leave an inch.

What newness does Android provide?

Of course, the question that arises is what could be the so-called performance and stability improvements that android promises to provide. If you take the word of Google itself, it is communication itself that has undergone a revolution. Now, your apps are even closer to fingers so you can create shortcuts at ease and your main screen will provide you everything. So, you can now get what the apps are doing currently from your home screen, without having to search for them in the list. Another fun addition to the OS is surely the new section of emoticons and GIF improvements. android or ios the best of 2016

How does iOS respond?

The iOS, as it has always happened, has left no stones unturned in releasing its big update but again, it is surprisingly similar to android’s vision. This update is all about creativity and more importantly, gender equality. Emoticons have both male and female representations and you can now save the favourite settings for your camera so that you need not bother about the camera app any more. Another fascinating aspect of the new development is to be able to pull content from everything that is Apple. All you need to do is to download an app.

What’s the best?

Well, the verdict seems to be a difficult one given the stiff competition that these two give each other. While Apple’s market continues to grow and Android still has a huge market, you have to say Android has not been able to bring any change in the Apple market which may remain a headache for them. Since iPhone is nearing completion of a decade of supreme performance, an innovation may well be on the cards for Apple which may force Google to respond.


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