Animoca Brands, Futureverse Collaborate to Shape Future of Metaverse

By Sunil Sonkar
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Animoca Brands, Futureverse Collaborate to Shape Future of Metaverse

Future of metaverse is taking a bold step forward. Futureverse and Animoca Brands collaboration is currently highly visionary. The two companies have joined forces in a strategic partnership. The two aims to accelerate deployment of blockchain-based metaverse technologies. Moreover, the two believes in open standards and digital property rights enabled by blockchain.


Futureverse mainly focuses on AI and metaverse innovations. Animoca Brands is known for its extensive investments in blockchain game startups. Both the companies will enhance advanced metaverse technology of Futureverse by leveraging the vast network of Animoca Brands. The partnership will simultaneously also boost growth of the Futureverse token ecosystem that is to feature ROOT, ASTO and SYLO tokens to power various protocols within Futureverse.

The core of this strategic partnership is to blend accessibility of Web2 with the power of Web3. The suite of AI and metaverse tools of Futureverse. Moreover, Futureverse is making waves in generative AI with tools like DOC for text-to-3D creation and JEN for text-to-music conversion. Some of its recent projects include Reebok Impact AI fashion experience and the Readyverse. These two have been developed in partnership with Warner Bros.

Animoca Brands executive chairman Yat Siu said the collaboration aims to drive expansion of the open metaverse. Futureverse co-founder Aaron McDonald expressed his enthusiasm and emphasized on the unmatched expertise as well as reach of Animoca Brands in the Web3 game publishing space. Integrating Futureverse’s leading AI, Web3 gaming technology and high-profile intellectual property means significant boost in the growth and scalability of the metaverse ecosystem. The partnership is an important moment in the evolution of digital spaces. It holds promises for a more integrated and immersive future for users worldwide.

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