Anything you can do, A.I. can do better?

Let’s not be baby and talk practically.

Can humans compute trillions of data in seconds?

No, but Artificial Intelligence does. If anyone can, I suggest, we have found a ‘one of a kind’ species that can be proudly showcased in a museum and people should buy tickets to see it. Sarcasm apart, I am not saying AI is the best and is going to render us jobless. But AI is here to enable us, like every technology does.

The concept of AI is to understand things which we miss in hindsight.

AI simply brings certain insights to our attention, so that taking those in consideration, we make quick and in most cases correct decisions. Be it in business matters, or in our daily life. AI is here to do menial and tedious tasks for us, so that we can put our mind to accomplish bigger and innovative entity.

Anything you can do, A.I. can do better1

I am not saying that there won’t be job cuts. Most of the clerical and back end works of several sectors can be handled by AI algorithms. But, AI also comes with job opportunities as well. With time, people have to train themselves in AI related work fields ranging from simple to complex jobs.

But on the brighter side, the power of AI’s computation and cognition has increased process efficiency, reduced time and cost of previous workflows. Especially in healthcare, drug discovery, which takes years and money to be accomplished, has been sped up by AI, as AI can dig in vast research data, to correlate, recognize, and analyse to find some useful insights that would have taken years for humans alone to discover, not to mentions money and relentless efforts. AI is enabling to diagnose patients with accurate diseases, and also helping doctors to create best possible treatment procedure. AI helps in monitoring patients and keep care providers well informed and alert about patients’ needs. AI in education sector helps to teachers to monitor progress and behavior of each student. This in turn helps teacher to personalize their teaching methodologies so that each student can grow and progress. Similarly, AI helps us to do tasks that we keep on forgetting or find mundane.

Though Machine and Deep Learning is getting developed to be as cognitive and creative like we are, yet the compassion will still be missing. They are machines created by us. Now tell me, who is better than whom?

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