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App Builder gets better with a new user interface - Appy Pie’s 1

Apps are a necessity for a business. The smartphone industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years. And bigger businesses have already moved to smartphones proving the device’s utility. To exist in the smartphone world, one needs an app. However, app development is a time and cost consuming process often unaffordable for small businesses. The rising app development industry faces a unique challenge. The businesses that benefit the most from smartphone apps often lack access to technology thanks to its unbearable costs.


The requirement of developers, designers, customer support, tech teams, and infrastructure make it nearly impossible to have an app without significant investment. This is the sweet spot in which Appy Pie App Builder operates. Appy Pie App Builder is a software that helps businesses make professional apps without coding.

Appy Pie App Builder drives down the time & effort required to make an app. Made for both professionals and beginners, the app builder is a marvel in the app-making industry. The no-code app-making model lets you add even the most complicated features with a single click. Appy Pie provides over 200 features in the app builder. With their recent update, the app introduced a new interface meant to improve user experience. The new interface makes testing and editing your app easier than before. Even Appy Pie’s mobile app gets an updated interface to make using your app easier.

How does one make an app with Appy Pie App Builder?

Coming to the important question, let us look at the process involved in making apps with Appy Pie App Builder. It is a simple three-step process.

App Builder gets better with a new user interface - Appy Pie’s 2

Step 1: Begin with entering the name of your app and choosing a suitable layout:

Naming your app is where it all begins. Enter a name and you then get to choose a layout for your new app. The layout will determine how your app will look once it’s ready. Not to worry, you can change the layout later is you want to. The layout is further customizable. The next aspect is customizing the new layout.

The design tab of the interface allows you to take care of these things. You can add your logo, create a logo or even choose a logo from a set of default ones provided by the app. Following this, you can choose a background image for your app. There are certain defaults and solid colors to choose from. You can also upload your custom background. The designing interface is easy to use and people who lack designing knowledge can also design a dashboard that looks professional.

The app builder also provides layouts of popular apps like Uber for improving on existing app designs. Play around with the design feature to get your perfect app design!

Step 2: Adding the Features you need in your app:

Once you are happy with how your app looks, the next step is adding relevant features. Appy Pie has an inbuilt smart assistant that adds default features based on the app category you choose during the initial steps. The app builder goes further and suggests features that might be relevant to your apps. The features are essentially like a widget you can add to your new app. Simply click on them and they are a part of your app. The feature widgets can be customized to giving you unmatched versatility.

The staggering number of features available to add in the app is jaw-dropping. The View All section in the app shows you every single feature that is present in the app. Everything from graph pages to VR-screens can be added by a click or a simple drag-n-drop function. The app maker gives you total control over the kind of app you want to create for your business. You can even convert your existing website into an app with this App Builder and add additional features that were not available for your website.

Remember, you can do all this without any coding whatsoever!

Step 3: Testing your new app & Publishing it.

The next step is testing and publishing the app. Once you’re happy with the features & the appearance of your app, you can move on to the testing phase. Scan a QR code generated by the software and download your app to test it.

Once you’re satisfied with your app, simply publish it to the store of your choice.

There you go. Your app is live!

Why Appy Pie App Builder is worth it?

  1. An interface that doesn’t require coding: There are a lot of app building software but a software that does not require coding is rare. Appy Pie App Builder is the best among those app building software
  2. Control: Appy Pie gives you complete control over the working of your app allowing you to create an app that you can edit, change and update as required.
  3. Offline Functionality: One of the best features of the software, the apps you make can be edited even when offline. These changes reflect immediately as you are online.
  4. Real-Time Updation:  All changes made in the app reflect in real-time ensuring that your app is always working in its latest iteration.
  5. Versatility: The sheer number of features give you an insane spectrum for versatile apps. The professional look and feel of the apps created with Appy Pie and the sheer customizability make it a versatile package.

Appy Pie App Builder is a genuine software solution and an extremely practical solution for businesses. The software provides smaller entrepreneurs access to technology at extremely affordable prices. It beats the need for resources and a beautiful interface ensures you have a working app in minutes. No longer does a business need a dedicated development team.

Headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia, Appy Pie has a wide plethora of products catered to small businesses. They have a Live Chat software, ChatBot Builder and an excellent Website Builder. They also provide workflow automation solutions with their software Appy Pie Connect.

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