Apple boosts business appeal of podcasts with new analytics in iOS 11

Apple boosts business appeal of podcasts with new analytics

The iOS 11 has created more than a buzz for Apple because of its fascinating aspects in terms of upgrade, but the true impact of it has not been discussed until now, when Apple itself pointed out that iOS 11 comes with a crucial feature that will have significant impact on business as the new Podcasts app will arrive with better presentation potential and analytics capabilities. So, companies can use podcast to better their businesses to a wider crowd in the near future.

The app will be totally revamped so that users will be able to use clear, distinguished titles for each episode and also comes with the feature of quick play where you can start again from where you last played. In fact, if you are a subscriber, you have the liberty to download all the seasons to the library assigned. The new update also improves the organization of the episodes as the chronological serials allow you to view by most recent ones, if you prefer it that way or the other. However, the real deal is not about this reorganization but something else. It is, as most things are nowadays, about analytics.

Apple boosts business appeal of podcasts with new analytics in iOS 11 1

Podcast Analytics- know how you are doing

Podcast analytics, as the name suggests, is all about letting the company know how its podcasts are faring in the market. The three important questions that podcast analytics will answer are, how many people are listening at one point of time. How much of each episode do they listen to and most importantly, what are their exact locations in this regard. Those who are in charge of creating and managing podcasts will then be able to see the data and each episode can then be categorized according to these three parameters.

Once they do that, the businesses and business leaders can then see the data trends and see how each episode has fared. Then, depending on the content, the leaders can decide how the market trend is operating and what kind of content would be the best. In fact, more fascinating parts are where certain sections of episode are skipped and where listeners pause the episode. In short, episodes can now be quantized in small parts and analyzed to know what keeps the listeners hooked. Of course all these is basic, but the potential is tremendous because with new updates, Apple’s podcasts will surely grow even more in the coming years.

Still at an early stage

While the excitement is natural, it is important to note that analytics, as it shows, is only starting its journey as it only projects general behavior of the listeners instead of customized, or targeted listening as such. However, this information is also novel since it reveals how podcasts had never measured their effectiveness before this event. In fact, the analytics section will surely become finer as market targeted content becomes the fundamental necessity in this regard. Podcast advertisers, henceforth, will not be immediately able to make an impact with this analytics.

The app, however, has made its interface more user-friendly than ever before and gives the listener their top priority. Of course, once the iOS is release, more specific details will be easily visible through the app. The content creators are waiting for the update to arrive to have an in-hand experience of this new update. Only then they can formulate their content by addressing a wider crowd. It is also expected that the new podcasts app will draw more listeners than ever before because of the growing popularity of podcasts as a method of information dissemination and the incorporation of them across all mobile platforms.

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