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Apple finally confirms it is working on self-driving car technology

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Apple has set precedence in a lot of things in the last few decades, ranging from phones, operating systems, desktops, laptops and many more outstanding technological achievements. Recently, after much speculation, it has been confirmed that Apple is definitely working on the autonomous driving technology and they will surely add something new to the already developing and existing technology. Apple has already hailed the autonomous driving technology to be the supreme AI invention and if realized, they claim that it will change the very idea of AI.

While Apple has not admitted if they are making their own or not, surely the hints indicate that it may not be far from possibility. While talking about the recent lapses in investment after the economic and political shifts, Apple’s CEO pointed out how they are not shying away from venturing into this new territory. Hailing it to be the most difficult of them, Apple has refuted the claim that it is to challenge a particular company in terms of self-driving cars.

Rather, the ongoing research is more about developing an AI technology that can be used in other industries. In short, Apple is planning to sale AI as a product to other businesses if possible. Apple has always provided a master class when it comes to user-friendly products, exemplified by iPhone, iPad and many more. Clearly, it has an edge over others

by all means.Apple finally confirms it is working on self-driving car technology

Using past experience

Given how Apple has managed to communicate with users better, they may well design something that seems to be the simplest for a passenger. Apple has always been ahead of others in this regard as their products can be used with intuition without much knowledge. Since autonomous cars are also about simplifying the complicated technology so that the user does not have to be an engineer to manage the car. Apple’s decision to invest in the technology itself rather than making a whole car seems to be a smart decision since it is the technology that will alter the very core of driving.

Since Apple has been the prime choice for smart objects with their seamless integration, it may also be the right fit for a company that exudes smartness all around. Apple was quick to realize that making an entire car from scratch may well be time consuming, but developing the technology can be an activity closer home. Apple, however, does not shy away from collaboration by all means. They know very well that they need to test their technology on some car.

Hence, they have chosen some of the best automobile makers in the world. Currently, BMW and Daimler are being approached. However, the issues regarding data protection as well as data control have not been sorted yet and the talks may not materialize into partnership as of now. It is precisely why Apple has taken the decision to move alone.

Everyone joining the race

Now that Apple has finally announced that it has joined the AI race to create the first autonomous vehicle, it is time to have a glance at what other big names are doing. Surprisingly, similar scenarios can be detected elsewhere too. Names like Google have suddenly decided to shift their attention towards the technology that needs to be installed in the autonomous driving cars. Alphabet, the company that looks after this domain, is also looking towards collaboration, if any, to ensure better testing environment.

Apparently, Google is already phasing out something called the ‘’Firefly’’ bubble car and it has been in collaboration with Chrysler. They announced that now that the public has become adjusted to their self-driving cars in real lives, they have decided to shift their attention elsewhere where this technology can now be successfully implemented in partnership with Chrysler. Given the tendency, more tech giants will follow suit as AI becomes the competing ground for claiming superiority.

While some of them have the advantage of starting early, companies like Apple will build on its vast experience to deliver something unique. Whatever be the case, the future is surely going to be exciting as innovations will galore from all quarters. As the race intensifies, it is to be seen who trumps whom in the final lap as automatic cars are only a few years away.

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