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Apple finally Sends Out Invites for iPhone 7 Launch Event on September 7

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The date has finally been set and revealed. After months of speculations regarding the features, models and the release date, tech giant Apple has finally fulfilled the wishes of many of Apple enthusiasts by sending out media invitations for a special event scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 7 in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. While the invite didn’t specify what exactly the event is for, many speculate that the event will see the unveiling of the next generation of iPhone (most probably which will be called iPhone 7) and Apple Watch models.

While there have been constant leaks coming our way regarding the next iPhone, the most controversial debate till date has been about what will it be called. Many leaks have indicated that the tech giant won’t be making any major upgrades to lineup this time around, and hence won’t be calling it the iPhone 7.

Since there won’t be any ground breaking upgrades from iPhone 6S to the next generation offering, many leaks have speculated that Apple has narrowed down to calling it the iPhone 6SE, though Apple’s prominence of selecting 7th as the event date and focusing on the number again on the invite by saying, “See you on the 7th,” has further spiced up the debates regarding the name.

One major change that Apple is expected to make in its next variant is upgrading the base storage variant from 16GB to 32GB and the top-end variant from 128GB to 256GB. This could help a lot in solving the storage issues many iPhone users have been complaining for a long time now.

Whether it is iPhone 6SE or iPhone 7, we will have to wait till September 7th to find out. Maybe, Apple has something else planned for us all together. No one can predict anything for sure when it comes to tech giant Apple.

While September 7th will be the launch date, the next iPhone is expected to hit the US most probably from September 16.

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