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Is Apple giving its customers old tech?

Owning Apple gadgets is the dream of the majority. Till a few years ago, the company enjoyed an authority of its own in the market, though it still exists to an extent even now, but the future does look a little bleak for this gem of a company conceived and executed by the late genius Steve Jobs. Some of the recent launches by the tech giant have failed to offer its customers anything much different from its earlier offerings, and people’s trust is now floundering from the once of the most trustable brand in the market.

The latest to join the line to criticising the California based tech giant is Brian Hall, general manager of the Surface brand at Microsoft.

In a recent tweet, Hall said “I compete with Apple and respect them. but they ARE doing their customers a disservice at times with old tech…”

Hall, in his tweet, did come across as a little bemused and exasperated. But, his tweet did open up the subject of how Apple products quality and innovation was tanking to a new low each year ever since the demise of his founder Steve Jobs.

Is Apple not able to save its brand name after Steve Jobs? Is it all over Apple? These questions started frequenting the minds of the people and also started making newspapers headlines.

After making the world wait for an answer for quite sometime, Apple, it seems, finally has something to say. Though, not directly.

Apple recently released an ad introducing the world to a new iPad Pro in which the tech giant claims that its tablet is now actually a computer. This means, one will be required to buy a stylus and keyboard to give iPad Pro a computer makeover.

Well, Apple seems to be really trying hard to make things work and save its crown in the market. But, we as customers also need to be a little patient with the company which for the last few years has provided us with tech and quality quite ahead of its time. Let’s face it, some of the old Apple products still perform way better than their latest counterparts. So, maybe, we as customers have a lot of expectations from Apple because of its past record.

We wish you all the very best for a quick recovery, Apple. We know you still have a lot to offer.

Kirti Sharma
A technology and Bollywood junkie, she is always ready with her iPhone to jot down her ideas wherever and whenever she can. Have something to share? Shoot an email to her at [email protected]


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