Apple Inc. Likely to Stay Ahead of Competition in Chip Manufacturing Tech

Apple Inc. Likely to Stay Ahead of Competition in Chip Manufacturing Tech 1

The iDevice can be one of the very first technologies for adopting new technologies for manufacture. Apple has become very aggressive about moving to the latest technologies of chip manufacturing which is available in the market for the last few years. It has been the very first opportunity for the company to make use of the twenty nanometre technology which is available for a processor that has a very high volume. It was also the first to view the 16 nanometre technology provided by the company.

Situation in the Market

However, it may be seen to be quite interesting that the company is not the very first to make use of the upcoming technology which is powered by 10 nanometres. It is a wireless chip maker called MediaTek. There were many rumours about this being one of the very first technologies to have viewed as well as used the recent developments in the line. However, it seems that not many companies which make smart phones are interested in this particular chip. However, now the prediction coming from the market says that Apple will once again be able to take a lead concerning the new technologies of TSMC manufacturing. Apple Inc. Likely to Stay Ahead of Competition in Chip Manufacturing Tech

The Initial Developments

The TSMC has a number of recent earning calls. Here, many executives working for the company have been known to quote a number of plans. It has been known to have plans to move its present technology to a state of seven nanometre technology which provides an enhanced performance. This will be an area reduced variation of the company’s technologies. It will lead to production in 2019. It will start a year after the production of the technology based on seven nanometre has begun on a larger scale. The TSMC line has been implying that the first generation of this seven nanometre technology will be produced on a mass scale around the second phase of 2018. The company is planning to undertake risk production on this technology during the second part of the year 2017. However, from all previous records it seems that the beginning of production on a mass scale by the second half of 2018 could turn out for the better. If TSMC can begin this process of mass production at the predicted time for the seven nanometre and the seven nanometre plus technologies, then Apple will not be among the first names to access this technology.

The Importance of Chip Manufacturing

The quality of a chip is important for the entire technology to function properly. Its quality depends upon the quality of its design. This is completely controlled by Apple. However, it is quite obvious that a better manufacturing technology will be able to produce a better chip. The two elements which have a direct effect on quality and performance are the power efficiency of the transistors and the performance of the transistors. These two elements will determine how a chip will run within a power or a thermal enclosure of the desired amount. Moreover, the density of the technology is also very important. It is important in terms of the economics involved in the technology. It can be very expensive to produce if the technology involved is excessively big. If a technology is very dense, it becomes easier to cram a lot of elements in to a single chip area. This is usually considered good in terms of the performance of the chip. However, it is quite well known that Apple has one of the best technologies for chip development in the current market. Thus, if the company continues in the field it would maintain a lead.

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