Apple Unveils watchOS 10 with Enhanced Safety Features for Hiking, Wilderness

By Sunil Sonkar
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Apple Unveils watchOS 10

Apple has announced watchOS 10, a highly anticipated update to its popular smartwatch, promising an enhanced user experience with a range of exciting features. Packed with redesigned apps, innovative widgets, and captivating watch faces, watchOS 10 aims to revolutionize how users interact with their Apple Watch.

WatchOS 10 is set to be released later this year. It will bring exciting updates for Apple Watch users. The update is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Watch Series 4 or any newer models. Users need to pair their Apple Watch with an iPhone Xs or a more recent version running iOS 17 to enjoy full features.

To provide users with at-a-glance information, popular Apple Watch apps, such as Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, World Clock, and others, have undergone significant redesigns. These apps now utilize more screen real estate, delivering more comprehensive and glanceable information right on the wrist. Additionally, the Activity app on Apple Watch and the Fitness app on iPhone have been refined, making it easier than ever to track daily movement, share achievements, and receive helpful tips from Apple Fitness+ trainers.

Smart Stack

A standout addition to watchOS 10 is the Smart Stack, a collection of widgets that adapt to users’ context and display relevant information based on their needs. By simply turning the Digital Crown from any watch face, users can access the Smart Stack and instantly view timely information. For instance, in the morning, the Weather widget will display the day’s forecast, while during travel, the Smart Stack can showcase boarding passes stored in Wallet.

Revamped Control Center

The update also brings enhanced convenience with the , now accessible by pressing the side button. This change allows users to quickly access Control Center from any app, streamlining navigation. Furthermore, a double-click of the Digital Crown allows users to switch back to recently used apps seamlessly.

Palette and Snoopy

watchOS 10 introduces two captivating watch faces: . The Palette face employs three overlapping layers of vibrant colors to depict the time dynamically. As the time changes, the colors on the display shift accordingly, creating a visually stunning experience. In an exciting collaboration, the beloved Peanuts characters, Snoopy and Woodstock, make their debut on Apple Watch with a dedicated watch face. Users can witness these iconic characters interacting, playing with the watch hands, and even responding to real-time weather conditions. They also come to life during workouts, becoming active alongside the user.

Cycling workouts

Catering to fitness enthusiasts, watchOS 10 offers improved functionality for . When initiating a cycling session on Apple Watch, it automatically appears as a Live Activity on the iPhone, taking advantage of the larger screen for enhanced visibility. Optimized Workout Views, including Heart Rate Zones, Elevation, Race Route, Custom Workouts, and a new Cycling Speed view, provide comprehensive data for cyclists. Mounting the iPhone on a bike allows riders to conveniently view their progress during a ride.

New Mindfulness app

Furthermore, watchOS 10 emphasizes mindfulness with its new Mindfulness app. Users can log their emotions and moods, scrolling through engaging multidimensional shapes using the Digital Crown to express how they feel and what factors impact them the most.


Among other notable features, watchOS 10 introduces NameDrop, enabling Apple Watch users to share contact information easily. By bringing their Apple Watch close to someone else’s iPhone, users can effortlessly exchange their details. NameDrop can also be accessed through the Contacts app or by tapping the dedicated My Card watch face complication.

Developers beta watchOS 10

Developers have the opportunity to get an early start with the developer beta of watchOS 10. This exclusive beta version is specifically available for members of the Apple Developer Program, accessible through For those eager to try out the new features, the public beta version is scheduled for release next month. It will be accessible to watchOS users at, allowing them to explore and test the exciting updates before the official release.


The introduction of watchOS 10 by Apple brings exciting enhancements to the Apple Watch experience. Users can look forward to redesigned apps, innovative widgets, captivating watch faces, and improved fitness tracking capabilities. These updates will make interacting with the smartwatch more intuitive and enjoyable. The addition of the Smart Stack and easier access to the Control Center further enhance usability. The inclusion of new watch faces like Palette and Snoopy adds personalization and fun to the mix. In short, watchOS 10 showcases Apple’s dedication to innovation, delivering a feature-rich and immersive wearable technology experience for users.

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