Apple will sell iPhone 7 in a new color this year

Well, iPhone enthusiasts, this is one super news for you. All those users who are just eagerly waiting for the iPhone 7 launch in order to upgrade their current model might be in for a treat. While a lot has been and is being speculated about the phone’s features, look, this is one amazing detail that takes the cake and is one of the bestest so far.

If you have been ardent follower of all the iPhone 7 details leak, you might already be aware of the Japanese blog MacOtakara suggested tentative dark blue iPhone 7 model. If you’re one of those who had already set their heart on the color, we’re sorry to inform you that that particular detail might or might not pan out. But, don’t lose your heart too soon. According to information from some fresh resources, the new iPhone in all probability will come with a black color version.

According to information made available by the MacOtakara blog, the black color option would be a color much darker than the current Space Gray iPhone’s color. Further, instead of being just a new addition, the option might end up replacing the Space Gray color option altogether.

If this particular rumour does come true, It won’t be iPhone manufacturer’s first black iPhone model. The black option was introduced in the very first iPhone model in the year 2007 and existed till the iPhone 4s. In iPhone 5, the color was replaced by the Space Gray color option. But, now seems the time for the Space Gray colour option to bid adieu and make space for the black color iPhone.

Well, whether we would see a black iPhone, a dark blue iPhone or both, is something we will have to wait and watch. Apple will unveil its latest iPhone, iPhone 7, in an event in September this year.

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