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Raman Talwar CEO Simulanis

Problem you are solving

Simulanis is a multi-award-winning Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and a Mixed Reality (MR) technology company building some of the most engaging, interactive and immersive AR-VR applications for industrial training across a range of industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive, automation, oil and gas amongst others.


Our training-focused AR-VR-MR solutions and applications transform the traditional methods of training practised in industries which are often expensive, time-consuming and ineffective, ultimately leading to a higher probability of safety incidents and loss in productivity.

Background of founders and their journey

Raman Talwar, Founder and CEO of Simulanis is a well-decorated, top-rank holder and a multi-award-winning Masters in Chemical Engineering with Honours in Research (MEng. Hons.) from the University of Manchester (UK).

 On the back of some ground-breaking research work in material science, he has received prestigious accolades from the university and several nominations from industry during his time in the UK.

Whilst in the UK, he took on challenging assignments ably testifying his impressive technical and transferable skillset and has the experience of working for some of the world’s most respected FTSE-100 companies in the FMCG, Engineering Consultative and Process Design industries such as Reckitt Benckiser Plc, JACOBS Engineering Group Inc. and Engineering Technology Centre (ETC) – a JACOBS and GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) alliance. 

He started Simulanis in 2013, being the earliest pacesetters within the domain, and along with being the most awarded in the country, they are the most recognized, admired and funded company in the space

We started as a training and consulting a business, in our consulting days we realised that internal training was a big problem for our clients and hence we started providing gamified learning solutions with P.C games as the core offering. When Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality started gaining prominence.

we knew that we have found a better way to do what we were doing. Since then, from exploring opportunities in different domains to utilise different technologies to better serve our customers, every day brings with itself a new set of opportunities for us.

We commenced by working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, and over the years expanded into other domains (automotive, automation, oil and gas, textiles, chemicals, energy, power) en-route to working with more than 100 esteemed FTSE-100 clients such as GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Reliance, Mercedes, Honeywell, Mahindra, HPCL, Maruti, Reckitt Benckiser, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, etc.

Tell us about your company Simulanis?

Simulanis is a multi-award-winning Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and a Mixed Reality (MR) technology company building some of the most engaging, interactive and immersive AR-VR applications for industrial training across a range of industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive, automation, oil and gas amongst others.

Our enterprise model is to sell licenses and subscription packages to all our clients in the domains and verticals mentioned above, through 3 key Business model approaches:

1. SaaS subscription (Software as a Service): LMS-based online subscription of packages (VR modules, computer-gamified modules, or mobile-gamified modules) offered to individuals, training partners and organizations alike

2. Per-User Perpetual: Unlimited access to a single user for the modules, subscribed either online or downloaded standalone.

3. SaaP (Software as a Product): One-time license payment made by large organizations to use our products (VR modules, computer-gamified modules, or mobile-gamified modules) for a lifetime to serve their L&D needs. As part of this model, we customize our products and deliver them bespoke to suit their diverse needs. The organizations ultimately use our products to train thousands of their staff internally.

In addition to selling software, being an AR-VR company, we also re-sell AR-VR hardware (manufactured by companies such as Oculus and HTC) to our customers based on their demands, and bundle our content with the hardware to sell an ‘all-integrated-offering’.

Unique Selling Point of Simulanis

Being one of the earliest pacesetters in the domain, over the years, we have carved a niche for ourselves by displaying immense focus in our core work. Our USPs over competitors are listed below:

1) To build industrial training applications, a strong and focused technical expertise is needed, and our team of multi-talented engineers and subject-matter-experts ensure all our technology applications are fundamentally backed by strong engineering principles.

2) Being ahead of the curve, we have pioneered a well-structured approach to build AR-VR-MR technology applications and trademarked the same by the name of SCISSOR™. This is our secret sauce to build highly interactive and effective AR-VR-MR applications in-house for industrial training.

3) We have also developed a number of proprietary technology products in-house, especially SDKs that allow easier implementation of multiplayer in VR and tools (platforms) that allow anyone to create AR-VR-MR experiences.

4) Our Analytics Suite (currently the world’s most advanced AR-VR-MR Analytics Suite) helps us to monitor user performance and provide detailed user insights across technical training, physiological and psychological data

Early days struggle.

The problem that we faced earlier was the availability of AR-VR-MR hardware. A majority of the hardware that we use for development are not even available in India officially but over the years we have been able to develop partnerships with these hardware manufacturers to make sure we don’t get left behind at the global scale. In fact, H.P. has chosen us as its AR-VR partner in India and we are continuously working with them to solve India specific problems.

The second problem that we face is awareness about the technology especially when the technology itself is at a very nascent stage. But fortunately, the use cases we are building for companies have been strong enough for enterprises to be convinced to give AR/VR a try.

User base they have achieved till now.

  • 50+ Site Covered
  • 150+ Clients
  • 200+ Training Modules
  • 7500+ Operators Trained

Expansion Plans

While we continue to test the waters by taking our solutions to new industries, we want to grow vertically into some of the core domains where we have built our expertise. That means, offering more and more solutions to our clients and partners (both existing and prospective) in the Pharma, auto, O&G and automation domains.

Future plans

In the near future we are looking at scaling up with not only more people but with some exceptional products as well.

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