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Archit Sharma part of ‘Google Brain’ Fellow

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An undergraduate student from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Archit Sharma has made India proud out his achievement as he made to achieve a fellowship of ‘Google Brain’ which is the research team about intelligence of Google. Only 50 students across the world are allowed to be the part of this fellowship program by Google Brain. Architect’s success is the milestone to the engineering aspirants.

We have already talked about Google Brain, where we have mentioned about some point regarding Artificial Intelligence driven tool, where Google can predict the result of patients life that how long the patient going to stay in hospital which also includes the patient is going to die and may about his or her re-admission in hospital.

Archit was born and brought up in Amritsar, Punjab and now he is studying Electrical Engineering with minor in artificial intelligence and linguistic theory from IIT Kanpur.

Archit shared his experience with The Tribune “After I heard that I’m selected for this fellowship I was feeling a bit relaxed and refreshing. This was not possible if my IIT faculty and my parents wouldn’t be supporting me so much I’m really thankful to each and person who believed in me and my dreams. It’s a mixed feeling I’m nervous excited and happy at the same time. I’m actually looking forward to work with Google, this is going to be huge. ”

“I am very book worm kind of person, I like mathematics which gave me the opportunity to study engineering. I cracked IIT with good score and got admission in IIT Kanpur. The whole faculty and students supported me with full heart. I’m very much excited about the Google Brain fellowship. I like artificial intelligence that who it actually works which totally draws my attention towards it. I have scored 9.9 CGPA out of 10 in B. Tech. I have various options to work but I believe Google Brain is meant for me” said Archit Sharma.

This fellowship program is also a Residency Program based in California, Al targeting those people who want to devote their life to machines and deserve to be the part of this percious opportunity. Residency Progam is very much similar to Master’s or PhD program in machine learning. When this program ends the residents are expected to gain worthful knowledge and experience in the field of machine and programming

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