Are intelligent toilets worth the money?

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Are intelligent toilets worth the money? 1

The world is getting upgraded, and so are the toilets. The involvement of technology has also included intelligent toilets in their list. If you are renovating your old house into a modern home, don’t forget to include your bathroom in the list. The introduction of intelligent toilets has gone to a whole new level by being environmentally friendly and making you feel swankier. These smart toilets make your bathroom worth looking at while making their life easier. The luxurious toilet has many beautiful offerings, which we will be discussing in this article.


What Is a Smart Toilet?

To begin with, let’s understand what an intelligent toilet is. Intelligent toilets are enlaced with technology that possesses the capability of connecting and interacting with the users. An intelligent toilet is perfect for a smart home and is being widely used in countries like Japan.

Futuristic flushing

The most exciting feature of the intelligent toilet top in our list is the flush that operates without touching. The sensors in the toilets make them work without any need for touch and activates the mechanism automatically. It can sense when the body moves away or comes closer to the toilet. You can also get the sensor started by waving your hand in front of it. This is an excellent way for those living in large families to have different people with different bathroom etiquettes who regularly forgets to flush. It also eliminates the transfer of germs from the handle to the next person as there remains no need to touch the unhygienic handles.

Overflow protection

The overflowing toilets are one of the main tensions. One needs to wipe it up every time after the use. It overflows all the germs from the toilet and makes the toilet unhygienic along with the foul smell. The floor gets slippery and increases the risk of minor children. The intelligent toilets exhibit this problem by prohibiting the toilet to flush. This maintains the low water level in the bowl if it is already clogged. 

Water savings and power sources

Smart toilets, although they use electricity but also save a lot of water. You will surely get to see the difference between water consumption. These toilets sense the need for water and accordingly flush the right amount to it. The small flushes include only 0.6 gallons per flush which is much lower than the standard flush, which uses approximately around 1.6 gallons. Many smart toilets also run with batteries or come with two power options, while the others have to be connected to the wiring system of your house. If you don’t want to call an electrician, then the battery option would work great for you. Make sure to change its batteries rapidly to make it function smoothly.

More smart toilet features

Intelligent toilets may cost you from thousands to a dollar, depending on their various offerings and features. You may only get a basic toilet with flush and water sensors or a fully compact one with bells and whistles. These toilets are space-saving as they are much smaller than regular ones and are a great deal from cramped washrooms. They are a significant relief for aging or disabled people to make their care easy.

Some of the more advanced features include-

  • Massaging bidet wash
  • Air dryer
  • Heated seating
  • Foot warmer
  • Automatic flush
  • Remote control
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks
  • Self-deodorizer
  • Emergency flushing system during power outages
  • Nightlight
  • Slow closing lid

Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities so you can listen to tunes while freshening up yourself.

Should You Buy a Smart Toilet?

This was all about the intelligent toilet. If you are looking for something with the same offerings and willing to upgrade your toilet, you must consider it a great option. But be prepared with its costly amount and repairs in the future. These are very new to the market, and so the clarity on the performance will only be known after a certain period.

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