Are You Disturbed with a Mouse pointer? 5 Tips to hide mouse pointer in chrome

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Everyone knows that the pointer and cursor are indispensable tools to interact well with the computer system. But, there are times when you want the mouse cursor to just disappear. It is mainly when you are in the middle of a video game or watching a movie on Netflix or even VLC on a computer. By default, the cursor remains hidden after a few seconds. In case it doesn’t, then this guide is here for you.


Ways to hide cursor in Chrome or on media players:

There are some simple steps that you might have to take in order to hide the cursor key from your screen, much like you have asked for it. To know more about that, it is vital for you to check in with some of the tips to help you big time.

1.      Tapping the period key on the keyboard:

In case you see the cursor still visible on the screen while you are watching a video or movie, then you have to tap the period key on the keyboard. It will help you to hide the cursor from view instantly. While this keyboard shortcut will work most of the time, there are times when it might get ignored by your system. In case that takes place, you can try another keyboard trick. Just use the spacebar to pause and un-pause the video. This method is really very effective in getting rid of the cursor from view.

2.      Using the power of third party tool:

In case your main concern over here is to look for a solution to hide the cursor automatically on a Windows computer without relying on the in-built system function, then you can always use the power of the third-party tool for some help over here.

3.      The use of Auto Hide Mouse Cursor

Searching the world of the internet will let you come across multiple tools to help the mouse not showing up on Chrome, which you have wanted. You can get hold of the “Auto Hide Mouse Cursor” Freeware for a change. This tool is perfectly designed to help you hide the mouse cursor and the pointer while you are watching videos or playing games, or even using Chrome. 

You can download the freeware and then extract and run the installer. The inactivity trigger is mostly set to 5 seconds, but you can adjust it as per your preference level. After the given period of inactivity, the tool will start working, and your cursor will hide automatically.

4.      Quit the app that is running in the back:

The above-mentioned methods are already enough for you to keep the mouse cursor hidden whenever you are not planning to use it. But, in case, even after trying out those methods, you are still facing trouble in hiding the cursor in any particular app or game or even in Chrome, then maybe another app is running in the background. That particular app is preventing the cursor from hiding. So, investigate all your active apps running at that point and quit those, which you are not using, and you can see the mouse cursor disappearing shortly.

5.      The issue associated with the recording software:

There is another culprit associated with this issue, and that is the recording software that you are currently using for your system. Some of the recording tools might need the cursor to remain always visible. In case you are facing such issues, then you can start looking for some alternative recording apps, which will not force the cursor to remain visible. Or else, you can choose the one with the option of hiding or un-hiding the cursor, depending on your current needs.

The final say:

Hiding up the mouse cursor automatically will be one lifesaver during times when you just needed the keyboard for operating your computer. However, this cursor might not be that helpful for leisure when you are playing a video game or just watching a movie, but the mouse cursor can also prove to be quite useful when you are editing a word document or just scrolling down a PDF file with the help of your keyboard.  

Follow the methods mentioned already, and you will be successful in hiding the cursor, which you have always wanted!

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