ARM will be buying the Treasure of Data

ARM will be buying the Treasure of Data 1

ARM Holdings Plc is a UK- based chip maker company which said in a statement that they have finally acquired a US- based data analytic company named Treasure Data Inc. and this deal is having the worth of $600 million. Both the companies have made this announcement official.

With the help of some unknown sources, in a report it is mentioned that the deal have got to extent ARM’s that will be pushing into so called “internet of things”, it is an idea or concept to get related with general items and sensors in order to get more data and this will help to produce viewing sights on such kind of devices.

Nowadays IoT is the most urging thing to businesses as it will help to improve to get the best efficiency to their operations so that they can easily monitor the life durability of machines on the ground level of factory floor and it will also prevent downtime. In case the consumers, many data should be used to get and deliver better more customized services for company.

ARM is among UK’s biggest technology company. It is designed in a way to provide licenses by its computer processing units, having a system chip with an infrastructure and having different kinds of software for devices which include smartphones along with personal computers, this function is present in smartwatches and smart cars. The company was brought by Japan’s Soft Bank Group Corp. in 2006 with worth of $31.4 billion.

Holger Mueller who is Principal Analyst and Vice President at Constellation Research Inc., said in s statement that this acquisition have the potential that is beneficial for ARM because the applications of next- generation will be using cases such as IoT that will ask for innovation through whole technology stack so that they can managed more efficiently.

‘Big hand players such as ARM have to look for other more successful innovators in the techonology stack and have to look after fitting to complement their own offerings, “Mueller added in his statement that Treasure Data will be our target that is prefect to get the allowance that the chi have the giant play with their new kind of used cases. This will be going to be prefect for all the technology innovations to get itself more upgraded than other ”.


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