Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Events

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Events 1

Artificial intelligence is now a common term trending in every possible business industry. The artificial industry is everywhere these days. Whether in personal life or business companies, artificial intelligence is a revolutionary future we are going to experience. Alongside all, the most beneficial industry is the event industry with the use of artificial intelligence. The digital era is exploring artificial intelligence as an unbreakable part. We often use artificial intelligence without knowing the exact perception of what this artificial inelegant built for and what can be the future of this dynamic technology.


Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology combined with a computer that thinks and acts rationally like a human being. It can have several insights depending on its application. Artificial intelligence is related to computing machinery and intelligence; they can perform like the human brain and help humans solve their problems in accordance. In simple words, artificial intelligence is a field of technology where computer science and robust datasets are combined to enable the solving of a problem.

Relation between AI and the Event Industry

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly valuable role in the event industry. The most significant use of AI in the event industry is designed for specific audiences. This software is as sophisticated as nothing was in the past. From the very beginning of any event, all works like booking, ticketing, finding a targeted audience, and management during the event, including entry and exit, can be executed smoothly and hassle-free with the help of artificially intelligent tools.

Future Events in the Eyes of AI

Artificial intelligence will be the most powerful and overwhelming technology in the event industry, even though we are unaware of it. As artificial intelligence develops further, it will be able to rule the event industry. It will be able to read the mind of attendees, and it would be a revolution. How the future event can look with artificial intelligence is presented below:

The Utilisation of the Power of Data

Artificial intelligence is used during an event and from the beginning to the end of event management, including collecting, organising and analysing participant data. When you are collecting data from an event, this can be a great asset for your future event. Thus. you can boost future events and engagement after and at your next event. Feedback always matters, so you can use these tools to assess them.

For example, you can use BI and AI tools to evaluate the percentage of sign-ups who participated in the event, their activeness on chat, the length of time each person viewed specific sessions and other such things. AI will provide valuable insights to upgrade future events.

Matchmaking with AI

One of the best ways of using AI in the event industry is by providing personalization and recommendations for event attendees. For example, before coming to a trade show, you can fill out a survey with attendees and use AI to match them with companies and booths that most closely match their profile.

This artificial intelligence can execute through matchmaking to connect like-minded individuals and people in similar industries and jobs. We must have heard about Meetingplay. It has already introduced this feature of matchmaking, particularly in virtual events. This way, we can also recommend events and exhibitions according to attendees’ demands.

Boost Network Opportunities

Networking is the core thing that can help to execute fruitful event management. AI networking tools can automatically recommend events for peer-to-peer networking, mentoring networking, and buyer/seller networking and so on.

For example, think of an event with thousands of attendees with a traditional networking system. You have no idea whom to approach or way to find the right people for you. You might find yourself at a coffee break in a room full of strangers.

As event organisers, we know how time-consuming to handle such a situation., But it can be easily solved using networking software that allows you to interpret data according to their career experiences, interests, geographical location or anything else you need.

Event Check-In with Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology is the most popular Artificial Intelligence in the event industry. Facial recognition is not a new term. It has been used a lot in the past decade, especially with companies like Apple.

Event holders can use these powerful artificial intelligence tools to check event attendees only using their faces. It can automatically match their ticket and all other information they may need. That means no tickets lost or other issues found, and event holders and attendees may remain hassle-free.

Blessed with a Hassle-Free Ticketing System

For any event, a ticketing system is a priority. Sometimes there is a restriction introduced in event participation. In that case, artificial intelligence tools can be your best partner in this system. Only set up your requirements and forget to worry. Even some promo codes are introduced during ticketing for events. Artificially intelligent tools can make matches very fast, and within moments, you need to do only one click to set them up for doing your required things.

Make Better Communication with Attendees

While communicating with event attendees, you need to know each other’s language; otherwise, it can be a big mess. Here we come with an Artificial intelligence asset that can take you away in the world of translation. Though this technology is not perfect yet, that day is not so far when there will be no issue with this fabulous tech. Still, translation programs are more effective and accurate than ever. Special thanks to artificial intelligence for removing this language barrier in events.

Another artificially intelligent tool we can use to do better communication with attendees is chatbots. Whether virtual or live events using this seamless interface, attendees can communicate directly with a chatbot to ask questions.

Any questions attendees can ask through chatbot about following keynotes, time of ending, sponsors of the event and so on. Chatbots mainly provide a convenient and natural experience requiring fewer resources from the event holders.

Security and Data Protection

Artificial intelligence will ensure advances over the coming years involve vast amounts of sensitive data. The organisations using that information will have to put safeguards against tech failure or attack. In the event industry, personal and attendees’ data must be airtight, and breaches must be identified and solved quickly to maintain trust in these new Artificial intelligence technologies when they do occur. It should be a top priority for every business industry as well.

End-to-End Digital Journey

At present, we are talking about event technology frequently. Still, after a few years from now, it will be likely that the category will no longer exist as something distinct from broader enterprise software. Day by day, lives become increasingly connected and digitalised. Along with companies, relationships with employees and customers have become more streamlined and straightforward.

Digital event registration and ticket selling platforms like EventBookings will become integrated into end-to-end, intuitive digital journeys. Without asking to jump from app to app, a company can engage the customer for different functions using a single platform. Such end-to-end platform will event industries accelerate innovation. Even holders and attendees will rely heavily on hybrid cloud, continuous integration and power automation, all the tools of artificial intelligence.

Power of Phygital

There is a vision with software and advanced technology support, a cross between physical and digital meetings known as ‘phygital’. It helps communicate between teams in indifferent countries without travelling, especially considering costs and time. Virtual meeting technology is a blessing, and most event organisers have international clients, attendees and offices worldwide. Virtual reality will become widespread, too, since more people in the event industry have begun to see a need for Virtual Reality (VR), and prices have reduced for the technology.

Save Time and Energy

Artificial intelligence is a powerful time and energy-saving tool that can automate many tasks within seconds. Artificial intelligence will replace a person with tools and thus will save on costs for event organisers both now and in future. As we mentioned earlier, with the help of automated facial recognition, event check-in only requires one or two team members instead of booths, tables and dozens of workers handing out packets and checking in attendees.

At length, we only predict the future, but it can be more revolutionary with the exploration of artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, the event industry will experience a new dimension with artificial intelligence, where we will see the best version of the event industry with these revolutionary explosions.

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