Artificial Intelligence Based Skin Advisor from Olay

Artificial Intelligence Based Skin Advisor from Olay 2

Artificial intelligence is truly spreading its wings across various fields and its most recent venture has been cosmetics. If that has surprised you, then you must realize that artificial intelligence is not simply a case of giving business outputs and providing intelligent, unseen decisions but it is real intelligence that can be used anywhere as long as human intelligence can also solve it but in a less efficient manner. AI, so to say, is no longer limited to chat bots and other possibilities. Olay’s absorption of the technology is indicative of AI’s potential to become an all pervasive helping hand.

What more can be done with your skin?

Of course, every cosmetic brand around the world is looking to give that cutting edge to their company such that they provide something extra from the thousand and one names out there. Olay, one of the leading brands, has been doing it for some time now and AI provides them a unique skin advisor that will tell you what your exact skin age is and what you need to do with it. Of course, the process of doing this is surely even more fascinating given that AI always entails a deep learning process.Artificial Intelligence Based Skin Advisor from Olay

What did Olay do?

Olay fed into this artificial intelligence system hundreds and thousands of images of women of various ages and different skin tones. Both their actual age and their skin tone were given to understand the range of differences that can exist for a woman of a particular age. Then, applying deep learning algorithm upon the process, Olay came up with a predictor system that would then be able to accurately tell a woman what her skin age is corresponding to her actual age. This is surely a breakthrough of sorts in cosmetic technology as products can now have a greater impact than ever.

How will the predictor evaluate?

Once the advisor is downloaded by the customer, the predictor will ask a set of questions about your skin including the way you treat your skin and what is your daily outdoor routine. On the basis of your answers, a set of recommendations will be provided which can be further enhanced by pointing out the most salient features and the process of usage that will yield the best result. In short, the previous study and the data that comes through the use will then be continuously processed through deep learning to provide the best result.

New horizons are expanding

While the beta version was already out there, the software is being optimized continuously through various mediations like photo optimization. While Olay does command a great deal of respect when it comes to skincare, deep learning was a new area to explore and that took time to optimize the process. However, they are thinking about spreading the software beyond the mobile app and hence, they are thinking of designing it differently so that it can include even a wider set of customers. Another good thing is that skin age is roughly constant and hence, the app can optimize its process without worrying about previous results.


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